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2015 Yamaha MT-07

  1. very nice :)
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  2. Thanks man! It's an awesome bike! I was also tossing up between the white and matt grey... We should go for a ride sometime! The MT crew lol!
  3. Thanks :)
  4. Same here, White & Matt Grey.. only colors i liked ,the last matt grey in the shop just got sold & brought the white one instead.
    I'm keen for a ride for sure, i ride every weekend when not raining :)
  5. Very nice. I've also got the matt grey! Didn't like the yellow but the black decals looked good...

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  6. Thanks Micky650Micky650 . Yeah the yellow didn't look all that great. Matt grey was the one I test rode and fell in love with immediately, lol! I see you've got yourself the Akra exhaust system! Nice one!
  7. Hehe yeah I couldn't resist, feels and sounds great but certainly needs the baffler.
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  8. Love the yellow..sounds great with aka pipe. Adelaide here
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  9. Nice bike !!
  10. Thanks MT07streakerMT07streaker ! They're great bikes!