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2015 XVS650 Custom

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TYSE LEE, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. Hey all!

    First post here - looking at a new 2015 XVS650 Custom for my first bike as Yamaha are selling them off for $9,990 drive away.

    Does anyone agree that this is something I should jump on & would any extras (helmet/new indicators) be out of the question?

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  2. Correct bike but recommend a second hand for a couple reasons unless your wealthy then go for it.

    Learner bike if your a complete learner you will drop it ( likely anyway )

    Once you get a full license you will upgrade
    Even though the 650 is good all round and a choice that will carry you to full licence the temptation of bigger engine willvalways be there
  3. If you're happy to spend the money then I'd go for it.
    I bought my first XVS new.
    It's a pretty good deal and you'll be unlikely to get much else out of them, but you can certainly push for discounts on the rest of your gear.
  4. Thanks, definitely agree. From what I can see though even models a few years older only seem to dropping to $8-9k - I'm a sucker for new & 5 year factory warranty sounds good for resale purposes.
  5. Yeah cheers! Gives me a good idea before I start asking for new pipes & making an ass of myself haha
  6. Hire a bike to do the riding test though as u won't pass it on the xvs
  7. cheers, I was wondering if it'd be a safer choice on the L bike
  8. Great value especially with the 5 year warranty. As basejumper said, you will need to hire a bike on the day you sit your Ps. My son had to use his mate's 250 to sit his Ps 'cause the cruiser would definitely not thread the cones.
  9. Hey there! I hope you've gone ahead and made a decision?
    This is my first and current bike that I've had for 2 years now. (about to trade up) and in my humble opinion is a great first bike.
    It's also been my daily rider to and from work rain, hail (yes hail) and shine every day for 2 years and have only spent money on servicing. So so reliable, which was an important factor for me.
    1. I learnt to ride on this bike
    2. I passed my licence on this bike (and you can definately get through the cones and do all the slow speed maneuvers if you learn correctly)
    3. I bought second hand only because my budget was $8000 and I got upgraded V&H pipes for that (2 year old bike with about 5k on the clock. However the factory warranty is a big plus but luckily I haven't needed it
    4. Great fun to ride and customize if you have the money to spend for yourself
    Highly recommended
    Good luck
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  10. i rememember going to the netrider learning sessions on my xvs650 and hearing that it would be better to get a smaller bike for the most test
    It came down to do i want to do the test on a smaller bike to compensate for my lack of skill or do i simply bring my skill level up and get better on the bike i have.
    With practice and great guidance from the the netrider crew down at homebush i passed the most test on the cruiser and continue to learn on the same bike everyday 30000k's later.
  11. Always thought the lock was too restricting to thread the last two cones? Well there you go. Glad for the enlightenment. Well done!!!
  12. Practice and stubbornness Kupe, lol