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2015 Victorian Motorcycle Fatalities, analysis/trends

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Thread place marker to capture and perhaps pick up trends in rider fatalities for Victoria.

    Last year's total of 30 was the lowest ever on record - a massive result! It's a step change of 25% from the year before. Part of that decrease was the continued reducing trend and part of it was natural variation, so sadly it can be expected to go up this year.

    Here is Victoria's rider fatality graph since separate rider fatality records began:

    2014 Motorcycle road toll trend.JPG

    Ride safe folks.

    Previous Years:
    2014 Victorian Motorcycle Fatalities, analysis/trends
    2013 Victorian Motorcycle Fatalities, analysis/trends
    2012 Victorian Motorcycle Fatalities, analysis/trends
    2011 Victorian Motorcycle Fatalities, analysis/trends
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  2. Thanks for that Robslav.
  3. Sadly, this one has become an official stat.


    Man dies in hospital following motorcycle collision in Kyabram

    • Friday, 02 January 2015 19:15

    Major Collision Investigation Unit detectives have been told the man was riding a motorbike on Andrews Road about 12.15am.

    It is believed another motorcycle, ridden by a Kyabram man, approached from the opposite direction.

    Both riders fell as they sought to avoid each other.

    The Kyabram man was airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he died this afternoon.

    The second rider, also a 35-year-old, was taken to Goulburn Valley Hospital with minor injuries.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au

    = = = =

    IIRC I read elsewhere that these two riders were riding with no lights. Like, seriously?!
  4. Very sad. The Age reported that neither rider had lights or helmets on.
  5. linky?
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  7. From Vic Pol today: RIP rider.

    A motorcyclist has died following a crash in Hillside this afternoon.

    It is believed a man was riding a trail bike travelling east on Pimelea Way when he lost control and hit a letterbox around 2.15pm.

    The motorcyclist, a 45-year-old Hillside man, died at the scene.

    Police will prepare a report for the Coroner.

    Provisional Road Toll:

    2015: 3

    2014: 2

    Jess Foulds
    Media Officer
  8. Social media suggests no helmet and less than ideal riding. Hasn't been added to the road toll yet.
  9. So all 3 fatals so far this year none of them were wearing helmets????
  10. Looks that way Smee.

    TAC has only recorded 2 motorcycle fatalities thus far.
  11. I'm amazed VicPol and TAC haven't claimed the 0 toll over Australia Day long weekend was as a result of their 'road safety initiatives'.
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  12. ....or their blitz.
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  14. As per Jeffco above; (I'v included the text for reference)

    A MOTORCYCLIST has died after he crashed into a temporary fence at a roadwork site in Warragul overnight.
    Police are investigating the accident but still do not know the exact time it happened.

    They are appealing for witnesses who may have seen the incident on Alfred St, Warragul.

    Emergency services were called to the accident at midnight.

    It comes as Victoria Police announced the official road toll for last year had been upgraded to 249, one more than the provisional toll at January 1. (I will insert this into the 2014 thread)

    From http://www.vicpolicenews.com.au/news.html Slightly different wording, maybe not significant.


    Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a fatal crash in Warragul last night.

    It’s believed a male motorcyclist lost control while travelling east along Alfred Street as he approached a road work zone.

    The man came off his bike and collided with temporary fencing at the site.

    Emergency services were called around midnight when passersby came across the crash.

    It is not known exactly what time the crash occurred.

    The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Police from Warragul are investigating the crash and appeal for anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au

    Provisional Road Toll:

    2015: 25

    2014: 25
  15. Social media commentary reports that where the accident occurred, road work conditions are atrocious and the traffic diversions during underpass construction are not well lit. RIP rider.
  16. Another one :(

    Detectives from the Major Collision Investigation Unit will investigate the circumstances surrounding a fatal collision in Kensington this morning.
    It is believed that a motorcyclist, who was travelling with two other motorcyclists, was heading south on Kensington Road when he collided with a car just before 2am.

    Police believe the car was travelling north on Kensington Road before conducting a right turn at the time of the collision.

    The male motorcyclist died at the scene.

    A 29-year-old South Oakleigh man, who was a passenger in the car, was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital with minor injuries.

    The 67-year-old male car driver and two motorcyclists are assisting police with their enquiries.

    Anyone who witnessed the collision or who has further information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or to make a confidential report at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au

    Provisional Road toll:

    2015: 28

    2014: 27

    Leading Senior Constable Lee Thomson
    Media Officer


    Looks like a SMIDSY. RIP.
  17. Photo of the Kensington fatal

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  18. Another one :(

    A man has died overnight following a motorcycle crash in Mildura just before 1.30am.

    Police have been told the rider was one of a group of motorcycle riders allegedly racing in a car park on Fifteenth Street when the rider lost control and crashed into a pole.

    The 19-year-old Mildura man died at the scene.

    Investigators have arrested five men in the car park, who are currently assisting police with their enquiries.

    Anyone who witnessed the collision is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au

    Provisional road toll:

    2015 – 31

    2014 – 30

    Leading Senior Constable Lee Thomson
    Media Officer

  19. This was a mate of mine.