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2015 VFR800 aftermarket exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mr. Grumpy, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. I've had a 2015 VFR800 for a few months now, and ordered this exhaust about 4 weeks ago. It finally arrived yesterday after being shipped out from Italy. Installed it last night and I'm very happy!

    I chose it because I wanted an exhaust that would show off that sweet single sided swingarm and rear wheel and after a length search, this was the one I thought would look the best. I'm happy with both the sound and the look! With the baffle in it's only slightly louder than stock - around town it's easy to tell but at highway speed you can barely hear it which is nice for those long runs. With the baffle out it sounds more like an angry animal.

    Let the video speak for itself, comparison of stock, baffle in and baffle out recorded on professional studio microphones -

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  2. Much nicer, baffle out is awesome. Did you have to re-map or change the O2 sensor?
  3. Nothing like a V4 clearing its throat.

    Baffle in is okay, but baffle out is properly animalistic. Leave it out.
  4. It's a pity there is no way of mechanically moving the baffle in and out by motor. Then you could have a stealth mode. :)
  5. THAT would be cool!!

    I left it in for now - I like my neighbours ;) BUT, I'm going to remove it on the weekend for a ride. I'll leave it out and see how long it lasts before I get noise complaints :)
  6. Nah I haven't and from what I understand from the exhaust manufacturer I don't need to.

    It's made a small difference to the fuelling though, it's smoothed out the bottom end - it's a little more 'free' at really low revs - not quite as difficult to get off the line. Could just be a placebo too of course!
  7. Isn't that sorta what exhaust flappers do? You'd just have to wire it to a switch on your handlebar to override the ECU. Still too much effort (unless you really like your neighbours).
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  8. These are awesome sounding machines.
  9. Sounds great, prefer the baffle out. Love how it opens up the side of the swingarm
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  10. Looks great and sounds great, V4 goodness is hard to beat (y)
  11. So what did the pipe cost you mate and do you have a link?

    I'm about to jump into a post LAMS bike and the VFR is on top of my list. This exhaust is the best I've seen as like you, I really want to see that single sided swing arm. The other I've seen is the high mount staintune, but I'm unsure if they're still making them.

    Reckon your pipe is low enough to still fit panniers?
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  12. Staintune is still in business, their factory is 5min ride from my work.HONDA VFR 800 HIGH SPORTS MUFFLER
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