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2015 Triumph Street Triple RX

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  1. AUS-ESP submitted a new Showcase Item:

    2015 Triumph Street Triple RX

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  2. Nice man! What did the levers set you back? Im also thinking about changing the paint scheme. Dont want to fork out a fortune for a respray, looking into vinyl wrapping. Going for a matte black look. If I don't like it I can modify it later or peel it off. Hows the exhaust? An upgrade is also on my list. it's too quiet right now, I'd like to be heard when I'm not seen by the appalling drivers who don't look before swerving.
  3. -double post

  4. Thanks :)

    I'm loving the bike more with every km I ride it

    The levers are/were $270

    The exhaust is much much better..I will try and throw a clip up if I can get my software to play nice (well worth the $900).

    I was looking into modifying mine also with vinyl just to give it a bit more me style, but not really done anything about it past the initial design stage.
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  5. Youtube clip of exhaust & Sena 10C

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