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2015 Triumph Daytona 675R Race Bike Build

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by AdamA, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    A couple of you guys are keen to see this in progress so I will post a few updates on the progress. Not every minor step, only major steps.

    My original plan was to buy a 675R (only an R) from the auctions in either a repairable write off or a stat write off state. Stat write off can include structural damage but not always. Up side to stat write off is they are a LOT cheaper than repairable for obvious reasons.
    I had been watching some sites but mainly watching www.manheim.com.au over 3 months or so. Over that time I saw 2 in Perth, 2 in Sydney, 1 in Adelaide and 1 in Melbourne. The Melbourne one came up within the first week of looking and so I purposely let that one go without bidding to see how much it would go for. It was a repairable write off, had been stolen and recovered. The ignition barrel was smashed and was hot wired. Which didn't bother me as my race bike was going to be fitted with a Race ECU which removes the need for a key. It also had a bit of rust here and there which again wasn't an issue.
    It went for $9,000.
    I guess it only had a couple of thousand of visual $$$ max to get it fixed. But it still shocked me a little because it wasn't start-able so no idea how many km's were on it or even if the engine started. (I did go and inspect it). The thief could have easily revved the life out of it. Risky buy!

    As the months passed, and these other 5 came up, all stat write offs, I was having doubts about buying from interstate as I couldn't inspect them, even though they were only going for about $5k each. Plus the delivery fee ($1000 from Perth).

    Facebook to the rescue! Not long ago, a guy, who I already knew, put his 675R up for sale. This was an already purpose built, good to go race bike. Initially he had it for $15k and I immediately did the sums and it was too expensive in terms of when comparing it to buying a stat write off and getting all the work done to it by a race shop.
    Was only a matter on weeks and the price went down to $13 I think it was. I chatted to him and to cut a long story short, I bought it for $11.5k with a spare rear rim thrown in. Bonus was he has quite a few spares which I might end up getting in the future when needed for a cheap price.

    This is a picture of it in it's for sale state:

    Few things I already knew about it when buying it. It was recently low sided in the wet and had a crack in the sub frame.
    Swingarm rash.JPG

    Yes I could have just left it all as is and put it on the track and give it a shakedown or continue to use it but after having a My14 675R as a road bike with shiny panels and hardly a scratch on it, I thought being winter, now is the time to get it up to my visual standards and fix anything that needed fixing so..............

    Let the build begin:

    Much more to come.
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  2. Brilliant! I will be following this
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  3. Is that a Phillip Island specific rear sprocket?
  4. Yes. Well not specifically for PI. It just suits PI as it has more teeth.
    Stock bike <- profile pic, I would be bouncing off the red in 6th gear for a 1/4 of the straight.
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  5. Yeah that has been for sale for ages. I briefly thought about it but with that sort of impact that it has taken, quite possibly a bent frame. I would probably only pay $3k for it and hope it's only the forks and triple clamps needing replaced plus other minor front end parts.
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  6. My love affair with the 675R is well-documented. Definitely keen to see the progress.
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  7. Was that Rylees old bike AdamAAdamA
  8. Watching with interest.
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  9. Ah. I love a triple...
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  10. Yep
  11. Good price well done.

    Look forward to this whole journey of yours except when your faster than me on a 6 lol
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  12. Wouldn't less teeth at the back be better for preventing hitting redline?
  13. Yeah but then the chain would be bouncing off the front of the swingarm ;-)
  14. You sir ... have piqued my interest! :p I like these build posts..
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  15. I don't think that will ever happen.
  16. It will your younger so you'll bounce better you just need to find some limts.

    And I bounce pretty good so I'm really pissing in your pocket lol.

    I was very surprised with standard gearing you were hitting 6th limiter down the straight. Was that your road bike?
  17. Correct sorry I got that backwards. Less teeth on the rear = greater top speed.
  18. Dunno if I am younger, I am 37!
    Yeah that was on my road 675R. I would just bounce once or twice max if it was a headwind but was bouncing by the bridge if it was a tail wind.