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2015 street triple 660

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  1. mate that is a sweeet looking ride you have there!

    are you joining the Spring ride on Sunday? would love to see and hear that machine of yours.
  2. Lovin the colour scheme mate!
    What type of suspension are you going with?
  3. Find a Daytona R being parted out, bolt on goodness
  4. Looks familiar.
    Love my baby too, don't have a name for her though.
    Been shopping at ALDI for those stands?
    I gots me one as well 20160214_102818.
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  5. Rip those pillion pegs off too, opens up the wheel real nice
  6. Wow Brodie, when you said you had a new exhaust coming, you forgot to mention it had a bike attached to it. Sweet ride dude, looking forward to seeing it.
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  7. Yeah they threw in the bike with the slip on for a slab of piss mate, good deal if you ask me.
  8. Just removed the rear cowl and pillion pegs and I'm very happy with the look of it thank you !!

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  9. Nice ride Brodie. Now I am even more impatient to pick up mine next month.

    How loud is loud by the way?
  10. Loud enough to already have had noise complaints with the baffle in and to scare the pants off any bystanders.
  11. I want but if I have something like that on mine along with L plates then I'm a target for sure. I'll wait till I have no plate in the back...in 3 months.
  12. I'm on L plates hehe
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    Wrong group.