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2015 R1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Crr15, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Thought I would write a few things I have experienced while owning my first Yamaha for all of three weeks.
    Firstly, for a seriously fast bike it is really light. What makes it more apparent is there is less weight high up in the bike. Compared to other bikes I've owned it feels like the tank is really low in the bike making it very nimble.
    Secondly, it's kind of ironic but there is a real art to riding a superbike slow. The bike has 4 modes which change the sensitivity of the throttle which make it much more accommodating in traffic and on the inevitable rainy ride.
    Speaking of rain, the bike comes standard with Bridgstone tyres that are great and very soft. However from the look of them they are not instilling any excitement about getting me home in torrential rain.
    Really the only thing that has bugged me about the bike is it's extremely firm ride. I took the bike through the Royal National Park and I actually ended up with sore knee's trying to hang onto the thing. I'm hoping that spending some time sorting out the suspension settings for my weight and riding style should make it a bit more accommodating.

    Overall I have been super impressed with the bike. Quality of build, smoothness of power and overall ergonomics are great. Anyways I hope this helps someone whom might be considering an R1 but, like me, found it hard to get a feel for a bike with a 20 minute test ride in a 60kp/hr zone.

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  2. Test ride at Frasers or bike biz, straight on the m4 so you can give it a kick in the guts on the on ramp and then reef the brakes on as you hit the off ramp... Hard to have fun cornering in those parts though. Not the best place for test riding a supersports but it's better than all 60km zones
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  3. yep - plus if you tell them you want to go around again I'm sure they'd let you