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2015 R1 indicator issues help...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gvr72, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Hi all.

    I would love some advice on an issue that has arisen from changing the rear fender on my R1 to a Yamaha tail tidy of sorts. it worked fine, but now indicators only work when engine is off, when its on the light flashes once and its gone. My local shop said it would be my wiring and looks to be an earth problem. I put the wiring back to stock and still persists. could the previous tail have an earth in it?? really stumped, any solutions would be appreciated.

  2. she's fcuked. Send it back to yamaha.
  3. Lack of earth is a possibility, the wiring diagram shows a return negative/earth through a plug on each rear blinker and then ganged together back to the battery. It is the same negative for the license plate light and tail light. Do those come on?

    Alternatively LED blinkers in the new tail tidy and globes n the old. You may need to replace the flasher can with an electronic one rated for LEDS
  4. Thanks, great advice.
    turns out i cut the diode wires from the stock wires. for those installing tail tidies and using the stock indicators(they are great too) don't cut the wires that look like they are just wrapped for cosmetic reasons, they have the wiring in there for the flasher.
  5. so whats the bike like to ride?
  6. Yeah, how's the bike?
  7. Had the pleasure of watching Daniel Falcon ride his CAT 2015 R1 Thursday. That guy can move. Everyone seems to love the new r1 its the s1000rr of 2015
  8. I wonder if NAK will buy one then bleat on and on about how pedestrian it is.......
  9. It makes more power. Everyone reports the electronics are now the industry leader. Torque would be better with the big bang. If he does it will only confirm he never knew what he was talking about
  10. And it still looks like it's got down sydnrome.
  11. Well I suppose you would know your own kind wouldn't you
  12. I can't care less about the looks if the bike is good and fits my riding style.
  13. yep cant see what it looks like when you ride it
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  14. You must be the guy that gets his insults from his 10 year old kid.

    That's what all BMW riders tell themselves.
    Oh, and
  15. been there
    done that
    but not the bmw bit
    thank god