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2015 NSW Motorcycle Fatalities, analysis/trends

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by oldcorollas, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. I believe there was a short piece on Nine News Sydney last night.
  2. What the hell is going on??? 13 in a month is crazy. Any trends emerging?

    Commiserations and sympathies.

    Thread stickied for ongoing discussion.
  3. Highest January monthly since 1996
  4. 4th Jan, Spring Ridge State Forest, offroad SVA
    Off road, not much other info.
    26th Jan, Warners bay, CBR250R, SVA, alcohol, speed and unlicensed
    No license, Alchohol etc as described. what more can you say.

    A couple of Group Ride issues, Inexperience perhaps.
    26th Jan. Voyager Point, Harley, group ride, hit median strip
    17th Jan, Mt Seaview, steep downhill, collided with other rider in group, then with car traveling other way

    RNP, A technical bit of road.Overcooked perhaps.
    23rd Jan, RNP, possible SVA

    Mt Panarama on the Esses and a Negligent Driving charge for the car driver concerned. The location says it all the Car driver was considering it a racetrack rather than an open road.
    18th Jan, Mt Panorama, collision with 4WD, 4WD driver charged with neg driving etc

    Barry Way, for those that know it it is narrow in spots with blind corners. I have had 4WD taking up the entire road come around on me also when traveling on that road.
    14th Jan, Jindabyne, collision with SUV

    Collision with a car when out of lane, drift wide by the bike I would guess.
    17th Jan, Tumut, collision with car

    Not much info on this one, maybe a Smidsy the location tends to lend itself to that.
    22nd Jan, Strathfield, collision with car

    So possible inexperience or exuberance on some group rides. Some Collisions with oncoming traffic, one by negligent driver and one by rider out of lane. An off roader, An Unlicensed on alcohol. A possible Smidsy. For Trends you would have to say Oncoming traffic and contain your enthusiasm on group rides.

    Sympathies to the families of all concerned.
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    add another to the 26th Jan :(
  6. 3:30am, Australia Day, No Helmet. A quiet back run into or out of Gladstone. The police don't say but you would have to suspect by the circumstances that alcohol was involved in that one.
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    A little more information about this one ^ ;

    I can't find anything about this one as being a fatal?

    Just found this;
    Doesn't specifically say it was the motorcyclist though.

    One dead in M4 Motorway crash

    A PERSON has been killed in a crash on the M4 Motorway near St Clair, in Sydney’s west, this morning (Sunday).

    Emergency services and Roads and Marine Services traffic management crews remain on site, police say.

    Two of three westbound lanes have been blocked by emergency services. Traffic is still able to slowly pass the scene by using lane one, and heavy traffic is beginning to build up, police say in an advisory at 10am.

    City-bound traffic on the M4 has not been affected.

    No details of the fatal crash are available as yet.
  9. http://www.parramattasun.com.au/story/2887925/motorcyclist-hit-on-m4/?cs=1497
    technically he died.. hopefully not twice

    it's a straight stretch of road.. how do Sydney people crash on straight roads?
    unless.... filtering/splitting :p
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  11. oldcorollasoldcorollas - as someone who drives for a living you would be astonished by the acts of absolute driving stupidity that abound on Sydney roads and I bear witness to every day - many of them sadly involving mobile phone use.
  12. It appears you are right, as according to the Parramatta Sun article, the Telegraph doesn't include that info. I must admit I didn't read read that one at the time. :(


    A male motorbike rider died after suffering serious injuries during a traffic collision with two trucks on the M4 on Tuesday, February 17.

    The Oxley Park rider, 23, was in the eastbound lane near the Beresford Road overpass on the western motorway when he was hit by the trucks at 6am.

    He reportedly fell under the second truck and went into cardiac arrest at the scene before being taken to Westmead Hospital in a critical condition.

    The truck driver did not suffer any injuries in the incident.
  13. This thread is for news articles and information relating to motorcycle fatalities, as per the thread title. It is not the place to discuss solutions, that is done elsewhere. If you can't find an existing thread that suits, start one.
  14. Vertical CVertical C Found out last night it was a learner. I'm getting more info from someone that was there.
  15. A debate on terminology doesn't fit in here either by the way Vertical CVertical C. If you don't think a thread adequately covers a subject then start your own.
  16. Analysis to alert to any trends. Solutions are discussed elsewhere.
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  17. Ok this is a trend that I see. I hope that it doesn't become bigger

    If there are others we can discuss the trend
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