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2015 Ninja 650L or 2015 CBR500R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Shuriken, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Hi all!
    Just wanted to pick some experienced minds over which bike would be best for someone of my build. But also which of these two bikes would be suitable for what Im intending to use it for.
    Im 5"11 and 125kgs and wanting to use for everyday commute...about 30-40min each way.
    Obviously new to the riding scene and not too familiar on these two brands but they were the two recommended to be by the guys at Bike Biz - parramatta.
    Looking to purchase this weekend so looking forward to hearing back from anyone.

  2. Why not the CB500X or CB500F? Better ergos for commuting.
  3. Thanks Bjpitt but Im leaning more towards the sporty look though.
  4. If looks are more important then go the 650L.
  5. I ride a CBR500R and commute on it daily. The ergonomics of it work fine for me (it's a lot more upright than it looks). Tell us a bit more about what you ride at the moment and whether it's going to be a long-term purchase or you think you will upgrade ASAP.

    Basicallly if you want it to be a power bike you might be found wanting something more after a year with the CBR500R, I love it, but it's definitely a LAMS bike.
  6. 650L is easily unrestricted to get the full power (71HP), a CBR 500R is not restricted.

    Take that into consideration.
  7. MT07 ? But its a naked.
  8. Hey mate, check out Motorcycle Ergonomics before you go shopping.
  9. Looks not important. Is there less drag on a bike with fairings than without? With regard to fuel consumption
  10. This will be my first bike. So Im looking at a long term purchase not looking to upgrade within 2 to 3 years. Booked in for a test ride for both this weekend and I have sat on both these bikes last weekend and they both have an upright riding position which is great for commuting daily.
    Have you ridden the ninja 650L at all?
  11. I plan on having this bike long after my Learner period.
    Definatley something to consider.

    Thanks zx636
  12. If you are hunched behind the screen MotoGP style, sure! But for commuting, a sports bike screen will make no difference.
    I highly recommend giving the cb500X a test ride as well.
  13. Thanks.
  14. Mick M great site appreciate that.
  15. Appreciate that Bjpitt. Thanks
  16. I used to have a unrestricted ER6F which is what they called the ninja 650 back in 2006. I have a friend with a cbr500r and he gets 400km from his 15.7L tank while I'll only get 300km from my 15.5L tank in regular commutes. I don't think there is any changes in the engine for the ninja 650 since my 06 model so fuel consumption should be similar. That being said, the ER6 (unrestricted) did have a bit more power than the cbr500r. Also at sensible speeds on the freeway, drag shouldn't affect fuel consumption that much. It will however affect wind blast.
  17. Fair enough. I suppose how you feel about your bike and what you want out of it will make the difference for you. I haven't ridden the 650L, but I can tell you my CBR500R has been very forgiving as I have been learning on it, and I even gave my girlfriend a few lessons on it before she took on her L's (first bike she ever rode on). I suppose the trade off for that is that I get left for dead against a bigger bike for the most part. I can still smoke most cars off the line, I have a mate with a 2015 WRX, the look on his face was classic, but as I have gotten better with my riding I have found myself yearning for a bit more acceleration sometimes.

    But I ride a lot, I've done 15,000km in 7 months of riding, much of that on country roads or out looking for twisties, and my bike is absolutely perfect for the commute. If you are interested in the aesthetics, I have found that the sports fairing means I attract more looks than a naked, and I have had plenty of people (riders and not) come up to look at it, and end up surprised that its 'only' a 500. As much as I think I want to upgrade to something sportier and faster, I will be very tempted to keep this one if finance allows (for sentimental reasons, and perhaps as a commuter/tourer depending on what my next bike is).

    Feel free to keep chucking me questions if you wanted to know more about my experiences with it.

  18. I had the same dilemma few years back. I am tall, 190cm, and was looking for these two bikes. Took CBR 500r
    1. Honda was cheaper
    2. Better build quality of the external parts.
    3. Was not going to unrestrict, so paying for 650 motor seems like a waste of money.
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  19. Even though I've only owned Kawasaki's (so far), I'd go a CBR500r over a Ninja 650L. De-restricting is fine and all, but the risks around insurance (including CTP) are a nightmare. The CBR500s are built to the spec you buy at and, from what I've seen, they really do hold their own.
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  20. Right okay. But can the ninja be legally unrestricted after i get my P's?