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2015 MV Agusta F4

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RRdevil, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. #2 RRdevil, Oct 24, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2014
    I did not know that the current F4 RR dynoed at the same HP as a s1000rr

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  2. Are you spamming for mv nowadays?

    I think i would rather have the h2.
  3. No I'm putting up new bikes that come up in my news feed. Hence why I've also posted the new s1000rr and others.
  4. So which sites are you feeding from?

    So far my motorcycle news side is weak and rarely up to date with the more exotic beast
  5. Mostly UK sites who post their news feeds on Facebook. Visordown MCN (not Amcn)
  6. Finally a decent bike from MV... wish they had brought it when I was doing my L's.
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  7. Justus is up early this morning
  8. @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg will Mototecnic let you bring one down to Saturday practice?
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  9. i can allways ask
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  10. How much are they at yours?
  11. fiddybucks
  12. I don't know , has pricing been released?
  13. Sorry I got confused and thought these were out
  14. Na was just announced. Where do you work at @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg
  15. not in the industry, but Mototecnic have offered me bikes to show around in the past
  16. Cool. Ridden the f3 800 yet?
  17. no but its been offered many times, I resist for I am poor, and at the moment I don't need to be more poor
    next year I hope to be in the position of testing and buying whatever I want
  18. At least your current bike has the correct amount of cylinders
  19. yeah , hey I have given some serious thought to the 800 but just cant afforded it at the moment