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webBikeWorld 2015 Motorcycle Product of the Year Awards!

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Motorcycle Helmet of the Year (Full-Face): Arai Corsair X


    The recent significant update to the Arai Corsair X, the latest version of the venerable Corsair series, could have gone horribly wrong.

    As you well know, that often happens when a manufacturer tries to "improve" an iconic product.

    But in this case, the best got even better.

    Yes, it's expensive as all get-out, but the Corsair X is pretty much the pinnacle of motorcycle helmets in 2015.

    It meets the DOT standard in the U.S. and it's also Snell M2015 certified and the Corsair's safety record is one of the reasons the helmet is worn by more motorcycle racers than any other brand or type.

    The Corsair X does everything well. It's actually very quiet considering the amount of air that flows through it. And all of that that air flow can be tightly regulated with the new upper vent system, brow vents and what we call the big "sugar scoop" chin vent.

    The new eye port design provides outstanding visibility, especially when you're imitating Jorge Lorenzo in that full-race sportbike tuck. The visor provides outstanding visibility for the rider and it has a new and easier-to-use locking system and they even changed the removal method and side plates.

    And guess what? The "X" even comes with a big chin curtain in addition to the traditional Arai pull-down type.

    Combine all of that will a variety of cheek pad and liner thicknesses for a "bespoke" fit and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better helmet for any type of riding.

    That's why the Arai Corsair X gets the Motorcycle Helmet of the Year Award in the Full-Face Helmet category!

    Motorcycle Helmet of the Year (Open-Face): Schuberth M1


    Who would have thought that Schuberth would ever make an open-face helmet? But the Schuberth M1 is definitely something special. It's "the Schuberth of open-face helmets", as we wrote in the review.

    That means you're getting what has to be the highest-quality open-face helmet available today.

    Besides the outstanding build quality, paint and the overall finish and construction, the M1 also has a comfortable ultrasonically welded three-part liner with no seams to spoil the fun.

    Finally, that huge face shield provides unlimited visibility -- a real safety factor -- and an internal sun visor. Both have glass-like optical quality.

    But wait -- the M1 also has built-in dual microphones -- yes, dual microphones -- and speakers. Everything is wired and ready to go.

    The built-in connector in the rear is ready for the special Schuberth M1 SRC Bluetooth intercom system, made for Schuberth by Cardo.

    As we wrote in the review, "Pop the surprisingly reasonably priced M1 SRC in the rear of the helmet and in literally 5 seconds you have a beautifully integrated helmet intercom system."

    Not all is fairyland and roses, however. The price is breathtaking. And please, Schuberth, it's way, way past time to be making only 2 shell sizes to span the range, especially at this price. Four shell sizes should be minimum for the C3, C3 Pro, M1 and anything else.

    Shoei does it on many of their helmets. Why can't Schuberth?

    Bottom line though is that the Schuberth M1 is the ne plus ultra of open-face helmets. That's why it gets the Motorcycle Helmet of the Year Award in the Open-Face Helmet category.

    Motorcycle Clothing of the Year: Dainese D-Explorer Outfit


    The Dainese D-Explorer jacket and D-Explorer pants may very well be "The Perfect All-Season 3/4-Length Adventure Touring Jacket", noted in the title of that review.

    Of course, this outfit has the outstanding Dainese construction quality. And classic styling that won't look dated in the years to come.

    But the trick here is the fold-down vent system, which converts the jacket and pants from winter cozy to summer cool, all in the blink of an eye.

    This makes the D-Explorer a true four-season outfit, saving you money in the long run. It includes a removable Gore-Tex "Guaranteed to Keep You Dry" liner and a nice Valtherm White Bear insulating liner to keep out the cold and rain.

    Remove the liners and open the modular vent panels in 1/3 increments and you have a jacket that works in Spring, Fall and Summer.

    On top of all that, Dainese gives a 5 year warranty on the D-Explorer jacket and pants.

    The D-Explorer outfit should provide many years of service in all types of weather. It's deserving of the Motorcycle Clothing of the Year Award!

    Motorcycle Action Camera of the Year: Mobius Action Cam


    What are now called "action cameras" started a few years ago as a trickle of non-HD video cameras that were heavy and difficult to operate.

    Recently, however, we've seen a veritable flood of tiny HD action cameras in every shape and size. So many, in fact, that it's impossible to track them all.

    But you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a sweet little camera with a surprising amount of technology. The prosaically-named Mobius Action Camera is incredibly light at 56 grams, but it packs a powerful punch.

    The Mobius has a huge fan base and even a Mobius Action Cam Forum with owners spanning many sporting fields, from RC modeling to auto racing to horseback riding and even as a remote camera for the Antares rocket launch!

    The Mobius also has a free and easy-to-use app that allows all sorts of customization that you simply will not find on even the most expensive action cameras available.

    It shoots video at 1080P in H.264 at 30 frames per second with a high bit rate, capturing a lot of detail. It can also take 720p/60fps video and it has options for low-light shooting.

    The standard time lapse and still image modes are also there and the Mobius can even be set to start recording with motion detection.

    The battery and even the lens are replaceable and the Mobius has built-in heat sinks to dissipate the heat from recording that can stop other action cameras just when you need them the most. And there are tons of available accessories to enhance the experience.

    Anyone can like the Mobius -- pros and first-time videographers alike. Pull it out of the box, charge the battery and use it on auto or dive into the Windows or Mac app and tweak the settings as much as you'd like.

    There's so much more to tell about this camera but the best thing may be the price: just $82.95 list. All of that means one thing: The Mobius Action Cam gets this year's Motorcycle Action Camera of the Year Award!

    Motorcycle Intercom of the Year: Cardo Packtalk


    Another great Cardo product gets another award! As long as Cardo keeps making outstanding intercom systems, we'll continue keep the awards flowing.

    The Cardo Scala Rider Packtalk is surely "The Next Generation of Motorcycle Communication Systems", as noted in the title of our review.

    Besides the standard Bluetooth connectivity, the Packtalk system includes a technology new to many motorcyclists. It's called "Dynamic Meshwork Communication" (DMC).

    Switch the Packtalk to DMC mode and it creates a wireless "mesh" network that can connect up to 10 Packtalk intercoms in full-duplex.

    The Cardo magic means that their DMC network is "self-healing", so that when any rider moves out of range, the system will automatically re-connect when the intercom comes back into range.

    This is an amazing piece of technology for groups of motorcycle riders and it's a powerful motivator to get all of your friends and riding companions on the Packtalk bandwagon.

    As a new system, there are still a few bugs but they're being addressed with firmware updates. And with all the features and the technology, plan on rolling up your sleeves and going back to school when you study the owner's manual. At least you get a printed copy in the box!

    There's also that price. At $329.95 for a single unit, it's dear. But the Packtalk intercom build quality and the technology is leaps ahead of any other motorcycle communications system available today, so you won't have to plan on throwing it all away after a year or two.

    Lots more to tell about the Packtalk and we'll be covering it all in future webBikeWorld updates. That's why the Cardo Scala Rider Packtalk deserves the Motorcycle Intercom the Year Award in the Motorcycle Communications System category!

    2015 Products of Note


    Two products deserve honorable mentions for 2015:

    Ohmics MotoBrake Intelligent Brake Light
    The Ohmics Intelligent Deceleration/Brake Light is the most representative and the most functional of all the new class of dynamic deceleration brake lights.

    This fully programmable brake light senses the motorcycle's deceleration rate and flashes its LEDs accordingly.

    There's lots of work to be done yet to mainstream this technology and the Ohmics MotoBrake is already in its 3rd revision that connects one or two auxiliary lighting units for tail light or brake light with deceleration output for saddlebag, pannier or top case lighting.

    We'll keep a close eye on this technology, which is sure to develop even further in the coming year.


    INNOVV K1 On-Board Recording Front/Rear Video Camera

    Also, our just-reviewed INNOVV K1 front and rear, on-board recording video camera "dash cam" system has been a revelation. It's not perfect, but it is evolving.

    It's an easy-to-use "turn-key" system for motorcycles that provides video for fun and for "just in case" documentation. This technology is becoming more and more important -- especially for motorcyclists -- due to all of the distracted drivers on the road today.

    Marinating a record of your traffic experiences may prove to be critical evidence in the event of an incident, accident or theft. There really isn't anything else to compare to the INNOVV K1 system as of yet and we plan on working with it a lot more in 2016, so stay tuned.

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