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2015 - may it be called The Year of The Motorbike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by drjay555, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Here's wishing all you riders, Netriders, Nutriders, two wheel junkies, touring riders, road racers, track day fanatics and all who love life on two wheels (ok,ok even those who love to mono) a GREAT NEW YEAR OF SAFE RIDING,


    Cheers and beers.

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  2. same to you & yours :]:]:]
  3. im hard right now
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  4. Always hard and upright :)

    Apart from that all the best to you for 2015 and to all NR junkies.
  5. A big year of riding for me this year. All the best for NR member in 2015.
  6. Wishing all Netriders an awesome year of riding.

  7. Amen to that man! Happy New Year and happy riding :)
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  8. Happy new year everyone.... Now if I could only remember my NYE resolution.... :cat:
  9. All the best for everyone.....happy and safe 2015 for all :)
  10. Guess what. Woke up this morning and said ," What the heck. No time like now" . Chucked a few things in a backpack and tank bag , on the 'Tona, and headed for the Snowys. Missed the Snowys ride last here so making up for it. Gotta clear my head for 2015. In case I pass a few of fellow NRiders wave to the bloke on the black Daytona. I've been waving a bit! Night halt Tumut , onto Jindy tomorrow and Jingellic /Albury on Saturday before the tedious FLAT ride back to Griffith on Sunday. Cheers all!
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  11. "Year of the Motorcycle". Bewdy.
    I don't think we need to have a vote
    It's official.
  12. Well, I did it. New Year's Day resolution. Up to the Snowys. First halt Tumut, where I learnt a lesson. Do not fill your tank at the end of a ride and leave it in the sun. Actually, I had parked it in the shade of the overhang in front of my motel room. Couple of hours later when I came out I realized the sun had moved and the fuel had 'boiled over' leaving a blotch on the tarmac. The motel owners were nice about it. Did a quick spurt upto Tumbarumba and back in the evening along Batlow Road. great road. Next day up to Talbingo where I stopped to have a coffee with neighbours who were camping with kids for the holidays and then up to the Snowy Mountain Hwy ( nirvana, especially when you do it at a time when you're all alone riding thru a pristine wilderness where the only sign of human habitation is the road you're travelling on). Lunch at Cooma and then detouring back thru some twisty roads to Jindabyne where I halted for the night. Stayed at the Siestavilla in East Jindy, with young owners who are very motorbike friendly. Great food and the beer was cold. Was introduced to a German wheat beer with the tongue twisting name of Schofferhofer Hefeweizen ! Was excellent.
    Next day over past Thredbo ( where I passed a gazillion cyclists - I admire them slaving up and down the mountains. ). Down to khancoban where I refuelled and had great coffee and chat with another rider who had come all the way from Adelaide. Next stop Jingellic hotel where I met up for lunch with my son and daughter in law who had ridden up from Albury. By now it had started warming up. After lunch it was back to Albury with them. Tea break , water bottles filled , jacket , neck towel, gloves and helmet all doused with water before starting the tedious ride back to Griffith. Each stop the water treatment was continued and made it back thru th hottest part of the day. Must mention that I was pulled up by one of our boys in blue as I went thru Narrandera as I was a bit over the (speed) limit, but he was kind when he realized how far I'd ridden (and in the lousy heat) and as it turned out, he too was a rider. We discussed a few rides and then we bid each other farewell. See, there are kind ones too:)
    Best new year resolution ever.
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  13. Drjay - Glad you enjoyed your trip!

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  14. Year of the motorbike.. It is!

    Awesome post...