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NSW 2015 KTM RC390

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by HaveQuick, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. $5750 or trade for a CBR1000RR, FZ1 or other 1000cc bike.

    The KTM RC390 is the fastest learner legal LAMS bike on sale today, with a power to weight ratio technically above the LAMS limit, the RC390 is based on KTM's single cylinder MOTO3 technology and is raced in spec classes in Germany and the U.S., the street bike actually makes about 5 more horsepower than the racebikes.

    The KTM RC390 has won pretty much every sport comparison test between it and the CBR500R, Ninja 300 and Yamaha R3 in both U.S. and UK media outlets and will do 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds, a second faster than the closest LAMs sportsbike, the R3 and significantly quicker than the other competition, it also weighs less than each of these bikes and makes more torque.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however to me it's also one of the prettiest bikes in its class.

    Who should buy this bike:
    * Anyone who wants the fastest LAMS bike available today
    * Anyone who wants an actual sportsbike, that's the closest thing in visual style to a Panigale available on LAMS

    Who shouldn't buy this bike:
    * People that aren't willing to commit to a sporty riding position (the RC390 basically has the same riding position of most modern 600 and 1000 supersports, it's still comfortable but it does place more weight on the wrists than other LAMs 'sport' bikes that basically use a more upright standard or sports touring riding position.) That doesn't mean it's uncomfortable and I've commuted daily on this bike and done some 700km+ days, however it will take a little more time to get used the riding position than less dedicated bikes.

    * Truly nervous new L-Platers, I know everyone is immediately after the test, however this bike has exponentially more power than the 125cc bikes most people used on the learner test, it is by no means, whatsoever uncontrollable, however you should be confident in your own ability to ride a motorcycle, even if you've only just started.

    The bike is basically in perfect condition, with about 6 months of factory warranty left (Jan 2017). The bike will come with 6 months rego.

    The only reason for sale is I've moved on to my unrestricted licence.
    I'm planning on purchasing a litrebike soon

    Test rides are offered, however you'll need to bring cash with you. If you crash the bike, you've bought it.

    Bike is in Balmain, I'm currently working from home so should be able to show the bike most weekdays in addition to weekends with a bit of notice.


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