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2015 Kawasaki Z300

  1. Kawasakiboy submitted a new Showcase Item:

    My Bike

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  2. Very nice :)
  3. For some reason I don't have permissions to see your Z300 pictures.........oh well.
  4. +1 :(
  5. :oops:
  6. Try now, might have been held for moderator approval.
  7. success!

    Nice bike KawasakiboyKawasakiboy
  8. Nice bike, the green looks cool.

    Advice from a soon to be former ninja 300 owner? Keep that chain maintained......

    I didn't, so chain went to shit. Putting a new one on with new sprockets made a world of difference.
  9. Cheers, thanks for the heads up :)
  10. Not bad at all
  11. Love the Z300 in Green, didn't have a choice though for the 2016 model. Great pics!