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2015 Honda VFR800X Crossrunner

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  1. Very very nice (sommer baie mooi!)

    What distance do you get on a tank?
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  2. Great looking bike !

    "Classy VFR for Adventurers is smooth, brisk, comfy, well made ... pretty much faultless. 10/10" BIKE magazine - July 2016.

    You know the front fender from a VFR800F is interchangeable with the VFR800X, so you could colour match for one in Candy Arcadian Red if you wanted to...

    GeorgeOGeorgeO , my Crossrunner has been averaging 320 - 340 km per tank (cruising - less if more aggressive)
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  3. very nice :)
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  4. inztigatorinztigator - I see you have hand guards / barkbusters fitted, would you share more info on what brand and where you sourced them please?

    cheers, Fred.
  5. Man they look good :D
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  6. Your Crossrunner looks great inztigatorinztigator (and I've got a fair idea that it is a very comfortable motorcycle)! Where have you taken it so far?
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  7. I got these ones, although they work best with short levers as the stock ones are too long. However the other option if you want to keep the stock levers is to install the mounting bracket upside down. Works just fine too :)
  8. Comfort is a winner on this bike! Can easily manage 500-600kms on it, and even 700kms although my body starts to get really angry with me :D
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  9. I'll have to post some pics of mine too now (other than my avatar)

    Am I seeing things or do you have the hand guard fitted only on the right hand side??
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  10. haha, well spotted! But I have them both installed since that photo ;)
  11. Thanks for the info :)
  12. Yeah, I noticed that too and was wondering if you had either: just fitted one as a helmet rest... :) or the left one might have met with misfortune...
  13. FlyingantFlyingant - are you one of the rare Crossrunner owners in Australia (from your avatar) ? There doesn't seem to be many of us around, the Crossrunner is an understated package but IMHO it is the best value bike for the money around.
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  14. He is. I met FlyingantFlyingant on a Crossrunner forum and pointed him here :)
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  15. Just a question re the hand guards, do you remove them for the warmer weather? If so would it be viable to just remove the plastic and leave the the frame on, or do you think the screw holes would deteriorate and become loose after a few times?
  16. Yes indeed I am, and very happy with it. Speaking of value for money, I picked mine up in July for $14990 including the panniers (sorry Inztigator)
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  17. Great bike inztigatorinztigator . The shape of the front mud guard is a little odd. The put a hugger on the rear but made the front guard really short in front of a low mounted radiator. There may be a logic to this that I'm not getting.
  18. Fully agree! The rear hugger though is not a standard item. Its a Honda Accessory, which I had on my VFR800F and it fit perfectly considering its the same chassis :)
  19. I put a fender extender on mine. Still doesn't stop stuff hitting the lower radiator but it's fairly well protected with that plastic guard, but I agree it's a weak point. I'm looking around for some stainless fly wire type mesh to fit over it and the upper one also.
    I like getting out on dirt roads so I have on my mods list a switch up on the bars that will prevent the cooling fan coming on during a deepish creek crossing