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2015 Honda VFR800F

Average User Rating:
  1. very nice :)
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  2. Awesome ! I'm sure you are going to spend many happy kilometers with her.
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  3. Well Well.....
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  4. Nice, Always like a good Viffer. I admit to some bias though. ;)
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  5. Congrats mate, awesome bike.
    So whens the breaking in ride?
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  6. Beautiful-looking machine, inztigatorinztigator! I bet it sounds just as good if not better. Mental note made to include this model in my upgrade options...
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  7. #8 Lionz, Dec 8, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2015
    Cool, very cool.
    I sat on the red one at Sydney City and got an urge to do touring! It had the rear and side panniers fitted, good storage. I think the rep said the panniers alone cost something like $2k. My urge to tour diminished.
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  8. Great looking bike. Love the new style headlights.
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  9. The sound the engine makes when the VTEC kicks in is amazing!! I just cannot explain it.

    Trully in love with this bike! Handles wel, looks stunning, and sounds sexy

    The unfortunate part is, yes. Panniers are over 2k. But that didn't detract me from this classic

    The build quality is top notch and am looking forward to some long trips with this beauty.

    I upgraded from a CBR500R, so it's really a case of night and day!
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  10. We definitely need to plan something this month Been commuting daily to get some kms on those new tyres and did a few runs on old Pac.
  11. The rearsets are real high - looks like a very race orientated ride position. Not what id expect from a sports "tourer". I wonder if Honda will venture away from the CBR inline 4 and introduce a V4 In the gp...
  12. inztigatorinztigator beautiful bike!!! Hubby had the 1200 - he loved it - only sold it because the riding position didn't work after his accident.

    Wishing you many long and joyful kilometres of riding (y):happy:
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  13. THANK YOU!

  14. Sleek, sexy, stunning!
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  15. Congrats on the new bike! We didn't know you were getting a new one :) At least you don't have to change your gear to match!

    Said hello to a fellow yellow Viffer and white MT07 at St Kilda today as well... ;)
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  16. Yes, MT07 told me they were riding down that side of the country :D Awesome ride!!
  17. G'day again, inztigatorinztigator. How are you enjoying the bike after another few weeks? What is the ride position like compared to your CBR500R? Would you get the handlebar risers? Any other particular things that stand out to you now?
  18. Hey.

    Loving the VFR.

    Riding position compared to the CBR500 is much more in a sports position. Due to this I have already bought and fitted handlebar risers to reduce the lean.

    The LED's are amazing on this bike! I can comfortably ride at night as the coverage and power of the headlights is excellent as opposed to the candle the 500 had. Just wonder why the indicators are still the bulb type on the VFR because everything is else is LED's!!

    Handling is also very good, as I feel much more comfortable leaning the VFR than I ever was on the 500.

    The most irritating thing I have found would have to be the auto-cancelling indicators! I have had them cancel just before I begin the actual turn and that is both dangerous and extremely annoying! Apparently you can turn it off but its more a hack as opposed to a standard option!

    Items I have purchased and or installed thus far are:

    Service manual
    Fuel tank grips
    Tank protector
    TomTom Rider (from the 500)
    Handlebar risers (not from Honda)
    Rear tyre guard

    What I am considering:

    Slip-on exhaust
    Luggage carriers, though Honda originals are ludicrous as far as price is concerned

    Overall, very happy with the purchase. Build quality is 10/10, and sound of the V4 when Vtec comes on is amazeballs

    Wish it had cruise control though...
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  19. Thanks very much for your excellent response, inztigatorinztigator. :]

    I know there are Honda handlebar risers that are 15 mm; were the ones you bought the same? The fact that the VFR800F's rider position is on the sportier end of the sports-touring equation is of a bit of concern to me, coming from what is quite an upright position. I'd suppose it was similar for you coming from the CBR500R?

    Yes, and yes again. Do you know of any after-market cruise controls that would suit?

    Is this the hugger that stops water and debris from being thrown on to the rear shock-absorber?

    Yes, my jaw dropped when I saw the approximate >$2,000 price too. I'd probably still consider them over other since they integrate into the bike so well - Honda knows how to engineer its way to a profit! :-O

    Thanks again for your reply, it is very helpful and appreciated.