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2015 GSX S1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ausfox, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. #1 Ausfox, Aug 15, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2014
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  2. That thing looks awesome
  3. Interesting.

    Hopefully a better implementation than the questionable GSX 750.

    Might need to throw a leg over
  4. It does look interesting and something the add to the "when I get off my restrictions and have some money" list - but is it just me, or does it also look like a blue Z1000?
  5. Looks like every other recent Japanese naked bike... still good but just, the same.
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  6. Sorry Suzuki, but I think the S1000R has stolen my heart. Does look the goods though. Wonder if they'll update the dash.
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  7. how long before we get japanese v-twin 1000cc nakeds..

    or do i have to start drinking more lattes?
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  8. Sv1000n never sold. They wont try it again for a while
  9. GSR 750?
    Yeah, they cut a few corners with that one. Mind you, it's enough bike for me, and I think it looks great. Will be my upgrade within the next 12 mths.

    This new 'GSR1000' looks good, but like someone said, I think it looks a lot like a Z1000. Slopes down very aggressively at the front, carrying all it's bulk forward. But that is in the in style atm.

    Put the GSR 750 headlight on it, and I think it would look a lot sharper.

    I reckon the teaser image looked a hell of a lot better than the end product?

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  10. Yeah GSR.

    Realised the mistake after the fact but couldn't be bothered to fix.
  11. Both the naked and the half faired versions were well loved by those that rode them, but Suzuki didn't get that initial penetration thanks to overestimating the market value.

    By the time they woke up and reduced the price, buyers had moved on to other shiny object.
  12. Has anyone test ridden the bike yet ?
    I hear the S1000 will be on sale this month.
    For myself once off restrictions in early jan next year it will be a war inside my head between the z1000 v s1000 , look forward to hearing some comparo's from netriders that own or have ridden the Z.
  13. Jeff from rapid mag loved it. He rates it above them all, z1000, s1000r, etc. he's getting a long termer soon and says he is buying it afterwards which is saying a lot as there's not many bikes he hasn't riden on the planet
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  14. The Chops is a classic and quite a good vid he's put together, check it!
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  15. He is riding like a tool, overtaking in bad spots.

    Couldn't watch