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QLD 2015 Changes to motorcycle laws

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Spots, Dec 3, 2014.

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    As of "early 2015", changes made to the QLD motorcycle laws become active. None of this boring 'trial period' stuff - they're jumping straight in after a discussion paper was released earlier this year! :D

    Changes include:
    * NSW style filtering, with the added bonus of;
    * Filtering permitted on freeway shoulders/emergency lanes < 30kph, and;
    * Use of bicycle storage areas at traffic lights

    But wait, there's more!
    * ECE helmets permitted
    * Relaxation of the badly-written, badly-enforced "always seated, minimum of one hand and two feet in contact with the controls" requirement.

    Crikey. Though the ECE helmet law might make trips south of the Gold Coast interesting. :p
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  2. QLD would almost be worth going to now, if it wasn't for the current political environment.
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  3. Wow, far too much positive action used there. We need to get a petition up to stop this common sense approach immediately.
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  4. Is there a firm date yet?
  5. Those changes really are quite refreshing.

    Helmets meeting ECE standards have a similar safety record to those meeting Australian standards, so from early 2015 the range of helmets approved for use in Queensland will be expanded to include those that meet the ECE 22.05 standard.

    Queenslanders will be able to legally buy helmets meeting the ECE 22.05 standard through international online retailers or if they are travelling overseas.

    Finally someone gets it.
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  6. That might force the hand of the Feds when they sit down to discuss helmet law next year.
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  7. Just don't try and ride in Victoria using your QLD approved helmet.
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  8. And what happens when Queensland rider ventures in to NSW or even down to Victoria?

    The helmet law issue has got to be fixed nationally, not state by state.
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  9. ^^^Exactly.
    'Extraditing' a crim from one State to another. What's that about? Just fcuking stick 'em on a plane.
    Different Stat days for different States. What? Millions lost in revenue.
    Double demerits. Do fcuk off. Money grabbers.
    Different road laws, different pavement parking. Fcuk me, i'm surprised different States don't want different coloured traffic lights so they can be 'different'.

    ............... here we go, different helmet laws. **Face plant**
  10. I fear this is an attempt to pacify Queensland riders. I pray it doesn't work...
  11. Yeah, I agree. The webpage is kind enough to explain what the state of the nation is, re: what the conditions are in other states, so it's positive that similar changes are coming to other states.

    Definitely agree that these sorts of things need to be unified nationally tho.
  12. It will be illegal to sell ECE helmets in Australia since the Federal law list in Consumer Protection Notice 9 allows only AS1698 helmets to be sold... infact, it technically allows only AS1698-1988 helmets to be sold, which are impossible to get, but no-one has been infringed.

    There is a body of work going on trying to get the Federal ministries to get CPN9 updated. http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2005B01097

    Well done to QLD for getting the other common sense changes through.

    9000 responses... holy moly...
  13. Hey! We'll only shoot you for it :(.

    But, as with any change, someone needs to take the first step. Once Queensland does it, there will be pressure for NSW (and the NT, I suppose) to do the same, and (lesser) pressure in other states as well. Once it is shown that there is no increase in puppy deaths, there will be more weight to the argument for it, and so on. Same way things have gone with NSW's filtering laws.

    Does smell that way to me, too.
  14. Filtering laws are different.

    Helmet laws are more like the old towing laws. What was legal to tow in Vic wasn't in NSW, to bad if your a Victorian boatie who decides to got to Bermagui with his boat - you get turned round at that border (almost).
  15. I 'spose we'll see how it plays out :shrug:.
  16. With what's been happening in Vic and NSW re helmets I'd say it's potential little earner for those states.
  17. Q - Does that mean 'sold' as in the transaction happening in Australia, and if so, what about the importation of something 'sold' in another country?

    I would expect a little bit of opposition from the wholesale importers. One rationale of the existing law was to keep most of the money inside the country. And the retailers.
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    Good question. As I understand it, you will be able to buy an ECE helmet from motomummy or similar and it will legally arrive at your house and will be legal to wear in QLD. You won't be able to buy that same ECE helmet from motorcyclewarehouse.com.au or Frasers or similar since it's an Australian retailer subject to Australian law... unless of course they choose to flout the law to raise the awareness of the issue. I guess a bit like what that hardware shop owner guy did in Melbourne years ago by operating on Sundays.

    In one sense I can understand this - they've spent a stupid and unneccessary amount of money getting a non Australian manufactured helmet certified to an australian standard for sale from their shops in Australia.
  19. The guy was Penhaluric, however he spelled it. Probably cost him a fortune in legal fees and doubt it gave him any advantage.

    However if it is legal to buy fom o/seas direct on the web it will be slightly different as it would put all Qld helmet sellers at a disadvantage.
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  20. NSW gets a shit law on filtering the Queensland gets this.

    When is the election.?