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2015 CB500f regret

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lobsterred, May 13, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    New here.

    I just purchased a 2015 model CB500F as it was $1250 cheaper than the 2016 model which appears slightly different. I understand the 2016 model has adjustable levers and looks a bit sharper but i thought id save my $1000.

    I think ive made a mistake! Should i have splashed the extra $1000 and got the 2016 model?

    Buyers remorse is killing me haha.

    I got the 2015 for $7500 with free delivery to my house. 2016 model was $8750 which sounds a bit excessive for a 500cc engine.
  2. You can buy adjustable levers on eBay for not much at all, so I wouldn't worry if that's the only difference....
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  3. Would of cost even more for 400cc if you'd gone the CB400 :playful:
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  4. Thankyou guys, reassuring to know. But for the record ill probably not buy new again.
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    That's what I don't understand about bikes.
    The second hand market is not worth the small price difference IMO.
    I'm paying 9k for a 2016 CBR500R in Matte Black.
    Considering the 2016 CBR600RR is 15k, I'd say it's worth every cent.
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  6. FWIW, I have owned both a CBR500R and CBR600RR, and they are completely different bikes!!

    Chalk and cheese between them, hence the price difference ;)
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  7. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. Just enjoy your new bike, they are a great bike.
  8. You always have a little bit of regret after blowing a lot of money on something. Twist the throttle and fuggeddabout it!
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  9. I think the only thing comparable between those two bikes is that they have two wheels and Honda makes them. They are literally worlds apart.

    IMHO I'd actually look at it the other way around if you can get so much technology in terms of the engine, braking and suspension etc. for $15k then how can they justify charging $9k for what is a commuter bike built down to a price.

    Edit: oh and OP don't be sad you probably wouldn't get that money back when you sell it anyway so you probably did well. If your still sad spend the money saved on illicit substances or hookers
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  10. gday GiovanniGiovanni welcome to NR!

    don't stress about it too much, when you're riding you won't know if it's a 15 or a 16. I reckon there's a bloke out there somewhere saying, 'you know I could have had the same bike in a 15 model for $1250 less, I think I got ripped off!'

    with the money you saved splash out and buy yourself some nice gear, you won't regret it at all.
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  11. Haha so very true. I did take it out today love the sound!
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  12. God help us.
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  13. Lol well it beats the sound of the 125E i just graduated from! P.S those cb125's are so easy to ride.
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  14. G'day and welcome, GiovanniGiovanni. You've got a great motorcycle, and a pretty good deal on it too. It should provide you with everything you need in a motorcycle for your Learner and Provisional licence stages.
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  15. Thanks xj6n! I actually just got my full licence but I love the bike. Its like a roller coaster!
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  16. A lot of people do buy one of the CB(R)500R/F/X series bikes because they'll keep you interested long after your LAMS restrictions are over. I nearly bought the X model for my first bike.
  17. The X's look pretty kool but they appear a bit high up for my 5'8 Frame. I heard they are pretty versatile nevertheless
  18. If you choose the hooker wisely you can get the illicit substances included.

    So I've been told
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  19. Bahahahq
  20. Welcome to the forum