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2015 Brisan Motorcycles Newcastle NSW

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Katt, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Brisan Motorcycles deserves a thread void of all the off topic comments included in the previous post.

    I recently purchased a new bike that I had to wait over 3 months to take ownership of. For the entire 3 months I was made to feel valued, all of my questions were answered promptly, Shaun would periodically email me to provide me with updates, all of my service expectations were exceeded, and even after I left with my new bike, I continued to receive emails from Shaun to ensure everything was still fantastic.

    I recommend Brisan Motorcycles to anyone who will listen, and will be making the 3 hour trip to their store for my next service also.
  2. When I was looking to buy my new Beemer, I spoke to them and they were friendly, helpful and pretty good on price. I got a better price elsewhere, so didn't buy from them but if their pre-sale service extended to after-sale service then they would be pretty good to deal with.
  3. pete in spares was extremely helpful and patient to me, i wouldnt go anywhere else. i recommend him in the highest degre..
  4. This is the best store in Newcastle, lots of demo bikes and friendly staff. I've bought three bikes there and a lot of gear. Saturday morning is usually bedlam there.
    I reckon you usually get the best price form the last place you go.
  5. I just had a quick read through the other thread and I am surprised at some of the experiences that others have endured with Brisans. My wife and I went in there at 4pm Wednesday afternoon (Lee works full time and also studying 3 days per week so we don't get all that much time to shop together) and we were both astonished by the service we received from a young lady there. We are new to motorcycles, so new in fact that we haven't even got our license yet (booked the course for next Thursday), and have no clue about what we were looking for. This young lady was impressively informative and answered any and all questions easily, I didnt take any notice of the time when we left, but i remember her saying she looks forward to 5pm sometime in the conversation (obviously knock off time for her) but neither rushed us not got impatient and I am positive we kept her back. We have been to only a few shops but from the feeling we had when we left Brisan Motorcycles Newcastle, I can almost guarantee that they will get our business in the coming weeks. Don't get me wrong, the other shops that we have been to have been very satisfactory with there service, but the service we received felt more personalized and tailored to us.

    Just my 2 cents

  6. I found their Sales and parts pretty good but their service wasn't great the one time I used them. However, they had no issue refunding me so all is good I guess.