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2015 BMW S1000RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RRdevil, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Keeping with true BMW tradition, this bike will slay the competition just like its elder brother. I noticed BMW didn't upgrade the headlights to LEDs. I hope they do in the second gen.
  2. Yes slaying the competition. Except where it really counts. In actual competition.
  3. Cruise control. "Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah".
    Sorry @Loz@Loz .
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  4. Wonder how much the DDC option will cost?
  5. Like the TT? Kiyo's going pretty well in British Superbikes.
  6. Belly pan looks much better now. In my opinion, this bike is nearly as good as it gets, like a cross eyed super model.
  7. TT was won because McPint had a wrist injury
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  8. Fully optioned up, this bike will be almost like the HP4, only a bit heavier. Once you add on all the trick features to it, I'm sure it will cost as much as an HP4. I think it looks very good too!
    Oh and one thing, when BMW claims 199hp, it really is 199hp (the HP4 runs 192hp in stock form on the dyno), unlike other manufacturers who claim 200hp but deliver only about 160.
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    Same fanboy crap you've spewed on many occasions.even when presented with facts and dyno charts showing both the other manufacturers claiming 200hp kawasaki and Ducati actuallydyno just as well and as close as the s1000rr. Yet you ignore these posts and put your fingers in your ears blocking out anything that doesn't suit your agenda. Congratulations you win the internet fanboy

    BMW have however improved the look of the bike thank god

  10. Looks like you're starting to develop a soft spot for the RR

    Next you will be changing your name to something that shows your passion for them :whistle:
  11. What championship is MV slaying them in?
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    Pretty close in world supersport. Plus I have never once claimed MV as a manufacturer are doing uber well in competition

    RR was actually in reference to the fireblade when I constructed my name
  13. I'll have the single R thanks.
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    How you think a bike as sophisticated as this will fare after 15+ years? You think people in the future can buy run down examples cheap and freshen them up?....

    I'll take any modern day super bike without the gizmos thanks
  15. Yeh, they need to fix those stupid insipid looking headlights. Second worst headlights I've ever seen on a bike.
  16. Sweet jesus someone smacked it with a hammer. It looks worse than the current one!
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  17. It's a battle ready man's bike, looks are not the primary consideration here anyway. For the purposes of posing, there are other bikes which shall not be mentioned here..
  18. What's that? The panigale which actually dynos pretty close and looks a million times better? Choice between a good looking bike with good power and a shit looking bike with good power. The first choice wins hands down and you know it, you just have to keep up with your purchase justification. There'll be a new king by next year anyway. The H2 is here

  19. Looks are subjective, I think that the panigale looks wrong with its exhaust bursting from its side, like a plumber showing crack.

    Though the h2 looks even better than the beemer, have to agree there