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2014 zx10r exhaust mods

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by HsvNinja, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Hey guys im looking at getting a full exhaust setup for my new zx10. Now im a little worried about noise on initial startup and idle as i do leave for work early. So can anyone shed some light on me about realistic noise levels?

    Also i'm pretty sure i will need a tune too. Whats involved with that? Do i need to get a power commander? Ive read there are some issues regarding these and the newer zx10's?

    Also where to go to get it done. My previous bike had all the goodies already done so all this is new to me. Im located south east melbourne. But will travel for reputation

  2. Sorry the exhaust in question is an akrapovic evolution setup
  3. If you just want to throw down some money and "git her done", just find a work shop with a dyno.

    get the bike dyno'd before you make any mods for a base line.

    do your exhaust, air intake etc. and a power commander or similar will be necessary to alter the air:fuel ratios.

    then dyno the bike again and get a fuel map made for the bike and loaded into the Power commander.

    you could of course just do it all yourself with out a dyno and use a fuel map someone else has created with a setup the same as your's or similar, but it kind of defeats the purpose of doing all those mods as you might not be getting the best results for your bike.
  4. Ok thanks. I have a couple of shops i want to call and go from there.

    Is there a huge issue with noise though? Last thing i want is a super loud bike again. Cheers
  5. Yes, you will need a power commander or similar. I have a Yoshi 3/4 system on my 08 R1. Yes it is loud! But thats what you get with an aftermarket exhaust system. You could install some DB killers (baffles) but i would advise making your choice re. doing this before you dyno tune. A good map will set you back ~$400.00 so i would decide on final set up before having to get multiple tunes done!
    Phil Tainton racing is where you want to have your map done. He knows his shizzle when it comes to dyno tuning!
  6. Run that by me again....?

    You've just bought a new bike.

    It comes, out of the box, with near as damnit 200 bhp.

    You've also bought an Acropovic exhaust for it.

    But you don't want it too loud.

    Give us a hint, how loud do you want it?
  7. The akra with link and original headers is very loud when you open the throttle but idle is not to bad.
    You will have the issue of fast idle when it warms up.

    I never liked the sound of the akra with link pipe and needed to leave the baffle in. I swapped to a graves slip on instead.

    Like everything bikes its all personal preference but since the headers are titanium anyway you may not need to go full system and just get the mid pipe and can instead.

    As for tuning PCV is old school now for the ZX10R but Dyno tuners know how to use it You can now flash your ECU with http://www.woolichracing.com/ and get one of the shared maps instead. You should find that the graves full system map which is also aussie based will be a close starting point to you setup.

  8. Not sure about the Kwaka but flashing an r1 disables the immobilise. worth reading up on!
  9. Well so far no reports of that happenin. considering the test bike is an AU ECU version in Brisbane using AU ECU no one has complained about immobilise issues.
    I guess if I used a US based map which does not have immobilise then yeah I could loose it

  10. Ok. Sweet
    I cant wait until the software is re-written for an EU spec. R1 to allow for the immobiliser. Would love to flashtune my bike and get rid of my PC3!
  11. Before purchasing a power commander look at some of the other options available. Piggyback stuff never ends well. PC V's have a habit of losing their tune
  12. I haven't yet purchased any pipes for the bike at all yet. I am trying to research a few things before i dive into buying anything! As for not wanting it to be too noisy like i said. I start work early and i don't want my neighbors being woken up at 4am 6 days a week really. My current bike is quite annoying on the hwy. annoys even me. I want to stay away from that as much as possible. Also will have a pillion onboard on occasions so i don't want them to be deafened. I'm just exploring possibilities. As it seems though a full system will just be too loud :/
  13. If you think you like the akra pipe buy it as a slip on.
    With the baffle removed its only a touch louder then stock maybe a little bit deeper sound but at idle close to stock. Then later get the mid pipe to to decat it but the sound will be amplified a lot.

  14. +1
    Would also negate the need for PC/flash.
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