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2014 Yamaha YZF-R1 $16,990 ride away

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MT07, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I guess I'm asking a hypothetical question. I'm thinking of upgrading to the R1. 2014 model is being run out at present and appears like good value to me now.

    What do you think, for that money?


  2. That seems a good price. Don't see the Japanese 1000s less than that.

    The dollar going down means next year's price surely won't be that good. Plus it's got all the upgrades so you will be paying the premium.
  3. Would you be disappointed for the sake of a few thousand dollars? The new R1 appears for me is a miles better bike.. Depends what you want though
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  4. From LAMS to R1 --> you're hardcore.
  5. The base 2015 is $24k + ORC, vs $17k ride-away for the 2014 model. You could almost buy a new MT07 with the difference.

    Personally MT07MT07, if you like the outgoing R1 and you're sure you're not just going to spend five years pining for one of the new ones or agonising over lap times, go nuts.
  6. True hyperspex, going from an MT-07, it won't really matter what R1 you go to. Both will feel like rocketships! Just that the 2014 model. It lets you have many more tracks days (or days off to ride) suspension adjustments and rubber before you even get close to the 2015 price.

    After a few years, you can the can look forward to getting a 200 HP R1, AND can tell the difference.

    But take my advice with a grain of salt. I recently chose to get a Suzuki V-strom 650! lol.
  7. I made the mistake of dropping into a Triumph dealership yesterday. The Daytona 675R is now in the mix.
  8. Put a deposit on a 2015 Triumph Daytona 675R today. The wait begins....
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  9. Nice...what colour?
  10. I opted for the Black and red one, and actually I think that's the only colour for the 2015.....luckily. :)
  11. Actually, correction: there's a white one too. I got the black.
  12. What swayed you to the Daytona over the R1?
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  13. Good choice, nice bike and plenty capable of running with the big bikes on the street.
  14. probably prefers the in-line 3 to the in-line 4 cross-plane crankshaft.. the R1 sounds so much better imho
  15. I was looking at getting either the Daytona or the R6. I went down to the local Yamaha dealer to look at an R6 and ended up walking out with a 2014 R1 for $15,499 ride away (cheaper than the R6)... There are some pretty good run out deals on them at the moment.

    What did you end up paying for the Daytona? I think my local Triumph wanted close to $18k...
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  16. I think I ended up at $16,990 ride away. That's a brilliant deal on the R1. Awesome bike. :)
  17. To be honest, the R1 is where I work so wanted to keep away from that....and also the resale value.
  18. Do you mind sharing what dealer was that? How are you finding your R1?
  19. Haven't logged in for a while so sorry for the late reply. I'm in Nowra, NSW... found it in my local dealer. It's an amazing road bike... but it truly comes alive at the track. I love it.