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2014 Yamaha V Star XVS650 Custom

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Daz52, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I am looking for a bit of advice/opinions on a deal I have been offered for this bike.

    I am on my Green P's and wont be getting my full licence for another two years. I did my L's and Red P's on a Suzuki Intruder 250 (which is now sold).

    I was looking at buying a XVS650 Custom or Classic second hand. I decided to go into a dealer to see if they had any demos to sell or a 2013 model.

    Anyway long story short I have been offered a 2014 model XVS650 Custom. $10,490 ride away (Rego e.t.c) Throw in Vance and Hines Short Shots installed brings the total to $10,990.

    Just wondering what you guys and girls think of this deal? Is this the average price for the bike brand new? Anything extra you think I should know about?
  2. i would research pipes more if you hsvnt already
    if youxhave heard them and like then your sweet
    but if you havnt hesrd them, find a way to check
    them out.
    v &h cruisers are what i recomend as being
    louder enough without being silly.
  3. What he said. totally agree. Definitely try before you buy!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have heard the Short Shots before and I know they are really loud. The Cruzers I have not heard (except for YouTube videos) but they seem to produce a nice sound as Phil said loud with out being too loud.

    I have also researched other pipes (Highway Hawks and Jardines) but they all seem to be harder to get and more expensive.

    I would be more than happy with the Cruzers but I do prefer the Short Shots due to the price being a little beat cheaper and I prefer the look of them. I am sure I have seen baffles for the SS so if they are too loud I could always get some. Anything else?
  5. Hi Daz, the price seems pretty reasonable if it is a 2014 bike. Be careful that it's not actually last years build. A lot of dealers will try to sell you last years 'but first registered this year' but it's still last years bike on all the paperwork. If it is a 2013 build then I be pushing them for a further discount.

    I had a 2012 custom with the Cruzers fitted. They sounded great and I often thought they were still a bit too loud. It's personal taste though. If you prefer the look of the shorts then go for it.

    Happy riding.
  6. Another thought. My old bike is in the 'garage' under ''First bike" if you want to see it.
  7. Hey Steve thanks for the tip. It was actually something I thought of and it was a question I asked. The bike is built 13 but a 14 model (silver).

    This is how I ended up.

    2014 Yamaha XVS650 Custom with Vance and Hines Short Shots installed for $10,940 ride away. I am happy with the deal I got. I had a look around for a second hand bike and there were options out there but when it came down to buying second hand the costs of transfers and then regos due in a month to three months time when added all up I was always about $1000 - $1500 short of a new one so I spent a bit more then I was planning but got a new bike.

    I believe these bikes hold there value pretty well so hopefully in two years time if I want to upgrade I can get a good re sale price for it. Thanks for the replies and tips everyone.