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Featured 2014 Yamaha R1 vibration

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Taza, May 7, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    I bought a 2014 R1 from a reputable dealer last week with 1497km's. It's a stolen recovery and some may have seen it advertised on bike sales. I've never had nor rode an R1 always been a gixxer fan, but couldn't pass up the R1 for the price.

    My question is higher gear say 3rd or 4th, lower revs and rolling on throttle ( I would call this putting the motor under load), the bike seems to vibrate a lot, I can feel it in the bars, the seat and rearsets so i can't isolate the issue however talking to said dealer I can tell they are trying to convince me that this is a characteristic of a cross plane/Big Bang motor and is normal. Any thoughts?


  2. Try a dealer that didn't sell you the bike.
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  3. Drive chain, what sort of condition is the chain and sprockets?
    Tyres can cause some strange vibrations at different loadings, check pressure, tyre scalloping etc.

    That's all I have got :)

  4. Like I said the bike has 1500km so everything is as new. So sprockets, chain, tyres everything is as new. I'm really stuck on this one might have to take it to an independent dealer.
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  5. I've had limited time on an '09 R1 and never experienced anything like you're describing.
    It would get a little 'buzzy' up top but nothing like what you've mentioned.
  6. Does that have a rubber cush drive in the sprocket carrier? I wore one out once, and as I remember, it was a bit rough under hard acceleration, due, I think to the sprocket alignment being affected by the carrier acquiring a slight twistunder acceleration - this effect was apparent long before the "clank" appeared whenever the drive train was shock loaded, like when dropping the clutch. Worth a look.

    Also check your engine mounts.
  7. Yeah - it has cush drive.

    But OP is saying it's got ~1,500 kms on it.....no way that would be worn out.
  8. It's a stolen recovery so this is a good point.
  9. Could be something clutch related, can you pin it down to any gear, or is it load on the engine regardless of gear? or rpm? But usually that's easier to pick in a taller gear at slow speed, i.e. boggy roll on. ha ha.
    Alternatively, consider what stat rights you have (& for how long they are valid) if you'd like to pursue legal avenues of remediation. i.e. if the vehicle is considered defective etc. and what course of action you might have, from memory varies considerably by state.
  10. Load on the engine regardless of gear any gear rolling on the throttle from 3000rpm right until about 8500rpm. I have a meeting with the owner of said "reputable dealer" on Monday. I will let you all know the outcome. I'm not one to slain a company but if you guys knew who it was I'm sure you'd all be very shocked. I think given there reputation they have to assist somewhat or ultimately they can refund me because I've been sold a product that can't meet the expected and expressed condition. Basically told it is still brand new are covered by warranty. I'd really like someone to ride it who is familiar with this bike and can give me a definitive answer if it is normal for a cross plane motor or not.
  11. Go test ride a new one, be your own expert
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  12. I can pretty much categorically tell you the cross-plane BS they are singing is just that - BS.

    If a cross-plane, "Big Bang" firing order were able to set up a harmonic which manifested in total bike vibration (resonance) - then it would never have been a viable engine design.

    Clearly this is not the case and something mechanical is fouled or out of spec.
  13. I don't think the new 2015 is running the same engine, gearbox or even geometry as the 2014, to be honest tho I don't really know.

    I think your right something is out of spec and I think the dealer is attempting to "dodge the issue" and not except any responsiblity however the dealer is yet to learn that my partner is a principal solicitor for the ombudsman services of Victoria.
  14. Does anyone here have a 2012 - 2014 R1 that can comment on their bikes attributes and characteristics?
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  16. Yeah I had a looks seems very similar to my issue, however it doesn't seem to be resolved yet either. I'm really holding out to see what the dealer says on Monday. However I'm not one to take BS and can see this going to consumer affairs at which point I will start the biggest smear campaign against the dealer. I'm $11000 into this bike and extremely pissed off as im sure u could all agree.
  17. Talk of smear campaigns won't get you far. There is, however, no problem in mentioning the dealers name.
    Firstly you need to establish there is a problem, it might also be wise to get an independent opinion from a qualified bike mechanic, and make a written submission to them detailing why the bike is not performing as you have a reasonable expectation that it should.
    They are then obliged to attempt to make good the problem, if after several attempts they fail to do so you may have a case for a refund or replacement of the bike.
    You should document the fault and details of the communication you have had with the dealer, if they continue to deny it exists you will need this later.
    If all that fails then you may have recourse under consumer laws.
    I'm not a lawyer but that's how I see it.
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  18. Yeah I know like I said my partner is a principal solicitor so legally I've got bases covered. But pending the outcome on Monday I'll be damned if I'll allow anyone else to go thru all the BS I've been thru, it not fair. Fortunate for me I never back down from a legal proceeding, but it wouldn't be fair for anyone else to be put in this situation that doesn't have a direct relationship with solicitor.

    Buying, owning and riding a motorcycle for most people is an escape, a hobby and meant to be enjoyable. That experience has been damaged for me.
  19. Shit happens, it happens to everyone in one way or another in life. You deal with it and move on. If you let every hurdle damage you, well, life is going to suck. Anyway good luck with it, press on and let the troops know how you get on.
    Could be worse, you could have bought a jeep and be setting fire to it about now.
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    You should def do the fuel line mod like on that forum and get the improved feel from the bike. Faaark. And if u call them out you get banned, so the stupid remains.

    Edit: sorry sarcasm was weak, was def kidding on fuel line