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VIC 2014 Yamaha MT09

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by andrewmt09, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Had my 2014 yammie stolen 2 days ago from under a secure car park in north Melbourne.

    Grey/blue with akropovic exhaust.

    Rego. 1o8gs

    I hope the scum kill themselves on it.
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  2. Oh well that sucks! :(
  3. Fark.

  4. Another one. Lowlife scumbags. Hope you get it back dude.
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  5. Most stolen bikes don't come home, and often they're damaged if they do. Contact your insurance company and start shopping. Sorry, of course!
  6. Start thinking about how the insurance company is going to buy you a 2015 model...?
  7. sorry to hear man, plus one for the scum to die a slow and painful death
  8. Very sorry for your loss :( Way to much of this shit happening
  9. oh dear that sucks i hope you had insurance for it