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2014 Triumph Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by keenas, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, wanted to post up my review on my new bike.

    I have been a keen dirtbiker since the age of 5.

    Haven't owned a pure road bike before (last bike was Suzuki DR650 - I rode from Colombia to Argentina over seven months).

    Mainly have had dirtbikes my whole life.

    So decided it was time to get a road bike, something I could ride my jobs on and also have some fun on the weekend.

    The decision for me was really easy, first store I went to got addicted to the Street Triple. Took it for a test ride and yes, had to buy one. For me the Street is powerful enough but would like to have a ride on a Speed Triple one day.

    Saved for four months and then picked up the bike on Saturday.

    When I started it up I was in love, this bike sounds so damn sexy. I got the black and red on (see the attached pic). Noticed it was extremely easy to ride, can't wait to do the HART Advanced riding course and do some track days.

    Road bikes are new to me so I'm taking it easy.

    The bike revs up to 14,000 rpm, have only pushed it to 8,000 rpm and yep its breathtaking.

    I thought the bike would be a 8 out of 10 before I bought it.

    Now I have ridden it its a 9.5 out of 10.

    You may ask why this is why:
    Looks - just love the style of this bike (I have a thing for nakedness)
    Sound - pure horn, like the standard exhaust but Arrow slip on is coming
    Brakes - this thing stops on a dime
    Performance - its scaring me up in the higher rev range can't wait to learn to be able to push it to its limits

    All in all I'm very happy.

    In four days I have done 700km, first service at the end of the week.

    Can't wait to really test it out after it has been properly broken in.

    Keen to go for another ride, bye!!!
    Eden Street Triple.JPG
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  2. Nice , congrats !
  3. Congratulations on the purchase.
    They actually wake up after 8000rpm so if you think it goes ok now, wait until you are regularly north of 12000! Lol
  4. ive heard they are girls bikes
  5. So they'll live longer than other bikes?
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  6. no they are hot and I want to....... them
  7. Was there any change from 2013?
  8. Didn't know Jason Statham rode a Triple..
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  9. Nice, love the pic too! How's the wind buffeting at motorway speeds without a proper fairing?
  10. Ha ha too funny my GF keeps on calling me Jason as well.... must be something in the water.

    Wow thats great even more performance on board not long now until I can use it.

    Just love this bike went for an hour ride this morning and was fantastic (the wind was blowing through my hair - just jokes).

    Wait until double points are over.

    Some answers to questions:

    Was there any change from 2013?
    No they are the same and few new colours

    How's the wind buffeting at motorway speeds without a proper fairing?
    For me its fine I'm used to dirt bikes, but if it was really windy I'm not sure how I would go. Will be on highways about 10% of the time so not an issue at the moment.

    ive heard they are girls bikes
    Would love to see a hot chick get off one of these and no I'm not a girl just checked.

    Have a rocking Christmas guys!!
  11. I find the wind not a problem on my 2010 STR unless you are doing serious miles with a crosswind.
    I did 2500klms of back road touring through central and southern qld over 4 days back in October and found it a hassle, but I was doing over 120kph the whole trip (and often over 130) and had 15 knot head and crosswinds for the majority of the ride.
  12. ^^ stuck in 1st was ya?
  13. Yep!
    Well that and I like having a licence as it means I can do the 400klm commute to work. No licence=no job.
  14. OMG, I want to go fast but I don't want to feel the wind.

    Get a car.

  15. You forgot one:

    Handling - its 183kgs wet but feels like about 160kgs. Super predictable. And so bloody agile you could almost call it skittish.

    Dont worry about acceleration IN THE DRY - just sit with balls against tank and weight forward and you can bounce it off rev limiter in first. Or do it in second but you hit 150 ish and still feel like you are about to take off.

    In the wet it will spin up/drift etc with in second and third at cruising speeds so GO EASY.

    BTW Id suggest paying someone to dial in suspension (sag/rebound/compression) for road and tell you how to tweak to for track. They get super uncomfortable on the road in stock settings I hear.
  16. Great points, doing the suspension this Friday....

    Will take it very easy in the wet.

    Didn't mention handling as this is my 1st real road bike so don't have anything similar to compare to.

    Have noticed I'm leaning more into corners and its helping me to push the speed and maintain my lines.

    Can't wait to start her up tomorrow and go for another wrap!!

  17. When did anyone say that?
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  18. Do an advanced riding course if you can. While its easy to tootle around on, once you give it a bit you need to ride it properly and your flaws will probably become apparent.
  19. Hi all
    anyone own a recent model Speed Triple R? any thoughts.