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2014 R6 or 2012 BMW S1000RR?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Baker, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. I read a lot and don't post much so here it goes.
    My issue is that I want to buy a new bike soon, to the point.
    I can get a 2012 bmw s1000rr with full titanium pipe and power commander, 9500 km and comes with new rear tyre.
    For same price (within $500) I can get a brand new 2014 r6.
    or for another 3.5k I can get a r1 with pipes and on road (2014).
    What would you guys go with?

    I have a mature attitude towards riding etc. It will be used for commuting and touring around mainly.
  2. none of the above is a commute /tourer, you are troll

    and you are in a bit of trouble when Justus sees this thread

    + you should go to a doctor, I think your brains are leaking out of your ears

    Ohh sorry about that, didn't realize your from Tassie. my sincere apologies
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  3. I've seen a lot of these sought of posts lately. Is this takeing the piss?

    Triumph Tiger
  4. Bmw all the way buddy
  5. Nothing wrong with the question BUT probably should have put your first post in the Welcome thread and opened up with an introduction
  6. I did say I was sorry
  7. For commuting and touring, none of the above.
  8. Well not touring, dunno what to call it. Find the twisty-est roads possible and go through them. Fast
  9. Not knowing what it's called is a bit of a worry, no?
  10. Doesn't bother me what it's called. I just want opinions on r6 vs s1000rr. Of the 6 different people to comment only one has answered
  11. glad to be of service
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  12. I guess my point is that you are asking peoples opinion on what you should buy without accurately describing what you want to do with the thing.
    In the first instance you say you have a mature attitude to riding and will be commuting and touring, you then say you want to ride the twisties fast. Which is it ?
    The people on here who would be equipped to help answer your question aren't likely to take you seriously unless you are clear about what you are asking.
    You would also gain by entering the site through the welcome lounge as they tend to see that as etiquette around here, as has been pointed out.
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  13. I want to do twisties etc but by mature I mean I know my own capabilities and am aware of the risk of doing them. I wanted to avoid the 600cc vs 1000cc debate.
  14. well get a 250 2 smoke
  15. I wasn't thinking about the etiquette side of things, more so where the OP is coming from, what riding experience, previous bike(s).....just more info to enable a better response
  16. sorry dude, how much experience do you have ? im guessing not a great deal.
    all of those bikes you listed would chew you up and spit you out at the slightest mistake if you ride them anywhere near what they are built for have a serious think about what you think you want
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  17. r6 or s1000rr, can anyone offer anything useful?

    I am aware that i'll never ride either bike close to their potential. I just wanted to know what other people would buy and why

    Thanks for the help
  18. go see that doctor dude
  19. 1000 is so much easier to ride. Low down torque means u barely touch the throttle to putt around town. I won't ever go back to a 600 for a road bike
  20. Yeah thanks for the input. Greatly appreciated.