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2014 Melbourne Ironman

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Slow Coach, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Anyone else looking at trying to get an entry next week?

    Being back into my training program feels great, volunteering last weekend at the 2013 event was so inspiring.

    I am going to do it, need to work on my runs. Also might have to start swimming again.
  2. Hey Mate. Good to see you are still doing the training. I have signed up to do the Busselton 2013 Ironman this December so I am already starting to $hit myself!

    The training is just relentless...

    Let us know if you want to head out on a decent road ride some day.

    Mark U.
  3. Awesome Mark.

    I got an entry today, holy fcuk.

    I need to get a road bike yet.
  4. Sweet mate. LET THE PAIN BEGIN!!!!

    You were lucky to get an entry. They sell out like rock concerts now. People are crazy...

    I am going to knock this first one off and see how I feel about whether to make it a long term sport or not. Have done 2 halfs and really enjoyed one and struggled in the other
  5. Why does everyone keep mentioning this thing called pain?
  6. Masochists.
  7. My uncle is trying to talk me into a half ironman... I'm a long way off!

    My brother is keen to try one (the half), so give it a few years and he'll be after the full thing!