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VIC 2014 KTM Duke 390 - South Yarra

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by duke390, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    another bike has been stolen from South Yarra . It's a 2014 white KTM 390 Duke with every conceivable KTM Power Part,Orange Renthal Bars, aftermarket mirrors and akrapovic exhaust, 150 or so kms. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Please call PM me or call on 0474 049 501. If you see it please report it to the police.

    Vin vbkjgj406ec232154
    Engine no 49021663
    Reg 1P9JT

    Please share


  2. Sorry to hear mate! What a shit thing to have happen.
  3. hope they get hit big time by the fcking karma bus or in this instance bike
  4. Tell me about it. Was shattered, I'm new to riding and had only owned it for 3 weeks too. Can't wait to get back on a bike!
  5. Is it insured?
  6. Damn. Nice bike, hope you get it back unmolested, and the perp breaks his leg jumping a fence while running from the rozzers, and gets bitten by the Police dog in the process.
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  7. Yeah it was insured still a head f**k though.

    Thanks mate. Was fun to zip around on. Haha yes that would be perfect!
  8. Big bummer........
    Yeah, even if it is insured it still a shitty thing for someone to do. We had our ute stolen a few years back so know the feeling!!!
  9. ah... shit... sorry to hear that mate!

    I hope they get what they deserve! Bastards!!

    Hope you get a new bike soon!
  10. Sometimes I am thinking...why- btw. hopefully you will have it sorted by insurance company soon- and as.... who did it -will get what he deserves....
  11. Man, that really sucks! I live in South Yarra myself, and noted that someone stole my R Jays bike cover a couple of months ago.
    I chain up my bike on the under cover port pole..and use a "Kryptonite fahgettaboudit" lock...I noted that it was moved this morning as I put it in a particular position...these thieves are probably trying to steal it!
    I seriously hope I do bump into them while they're trying to steal it.