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2014 kawasaki Ninja 1000

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  1. icemaker submitted a new Showcase Item:

    2014 kawasaki Ninja 1000

    Read more about this showcase item here...

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  2. No permission to view the showcase sir :)
  3. niiice! :) good place for photos too :)

    how is the riding position (lean) compared to VFR and the Z?
  4. Thanks mate. I grew up in Port and wagged school quite often to go fishing in and around the harbour. There used to be access underneath the jettys with huge planks providing platforms for us to fish off. Those were the days!!
    As to the riding postitions, the ninja is very similar to the Z, maybe slightly more upright but could be my imagination. Viffer is heaps more forward than both.
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  5. Maybe it is waiting for approval or maybe netrider just doesn't like you ;)
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  6. expand the quote, click on picture links :)
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  7. Very Nice
  8. Yep, individual links work ;) Just not the showcase link. Ilce must have broken it!!!
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  9. OR maybe, icemakericemaker has finally had enough of you and royally blocked your ass inztigatorinztigator!! ;-)
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  10. beautifully integrated factory hard panniers and a whole smorgasbord of additional luggage options

    So can you take your own table and chairs to the track now? Just asking............... :whistle:
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  11. haha, close to it I reckon. Maybe this one Wanderer Quad Fold Table II - BCF, I like the spots allocated for beer!
  12. ^^^^Mate, you'll never get a decent vice on that thing
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  13. Not bad,not bad at all. She's obviously no MV but she'll do.

    Congrats mate.
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  14. Pfffft. That comment deserves a punch in the vag
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  15. I see one of these in my future.
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  16. Very nice, and the exhaust suits the bike really well. Everything about it just seems right. Good balance of practicality and fun factor.
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  17. clear[1]. clear[1]. clear[1]. clear[1]. clear[1]. Awesome motor bike, excellent photography.

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  18. I truly hope I get to see it next weekend.

    Are you going to sell the Z1000?
  19. Yep the Ninja will make the trip next Sunday and yep the Zed will be up for sale soonish. The Viffer got sold (payment pending) without even advertising it, they sell themselves their that awesome. Ill miss that bike greatly.
  20. The main question is - can the Ninja handle the track?