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2014 Kawasaki ER6NL

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by 3PAC, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Greetings all,

    First time poster on Netrider - long time forum stalker.

    I recently bought a brand new 2014 ER6NL from BikeBiz Granville. Love the team at BikeBiz walked in rode out in too easy but in love with the bike! I have been looking to get back into riding after letting my L's expired a few years back, recently got legal and was on the hunt for something a step up from the 250s/125s I had previously owned but still 'Leaner-friendly'. I chose the ER6NL over a number of un-faired, streetfighter twins that also offered ABS.

    I've since had the first service, put almost 3,000 kms on the clock and had a hell of a lot of fun (my mates on posties are burning!) The blokes at BikeBiz consider my breakin period over and I can now happily ride it like I stole it.

    Looking for ideas on aesthetic mods, advice on derestricing -has anyone done this on their L's? Have you run into Highway patrol? Is this post likely to get banned for asking?

    I want to know who else has one and what kind of experiences/problems/modifications etc
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  3. I de restricted a 650 bike on my P's . No cop would ever know. Had a massive stack on it and nothing was said by either insurance company or useless cops. You prob won't be able to go to the dealers and have it done as they will prob have to inform rta and have its lams rating taken off it. Do a google search, I hear its a fairly simple process
  4. Mate you answered it perfectly - I wasn't sure especially when it came to an accident and subsequent insurance claims etc.

    Sorry to hear of your massive accident, was the bike noticeably faster? I'm reconsidering now but the thought of potentially 50% more hp is quite enticing :)
  5. I had a 2010 Er6nl and had it de restricted almost the whole time I was on my L and P plates. Fortunately for me I never got pulled over or had an accident and got away with it. I first got comfortable with the bike and then removed the restriction which was super easy to do on the 2010.
    In my opinion its definitely worth it especially after about 5000rpm when you can twist the throttle all the way and the thing takes off.
    I also reckon it helps prepare you when you upgrade to a more powerful bike.
  6. That's awesome info, thanks mate ! Do you still ride it or have you moved on to something bigger?

    How bout an exhaust?

    I've matte wrapped my front headlight unit and installed bar end mirrors for a cleaner look. Pics soon
  7. Had an arrow slip on and i liked the sound. Also had crg barends which gave it the streetfighter look.
    I dont have it anymore, I upgraded to a Z1000 when i got my full licence. Great fun bike though.
  8. I have a 2013. Love the bike. I've left it as stock.... better resale and trade in potential once I move up.