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2014 Honda Shadow

Average User Rating:
  1. Nice looking bike, Contentious. Honda's really sticking to the formula it devised with that bike. I had a 2004 model on which I had a lot of fun. Enjoy it.
  2. Thank you Cormanus. I'm loving the bike at the moment. This is my third bike in as many months just about, but it's all been leading up to this one. At least for another 12'months. :). I have some bling coming from Custom Cruisers in the US soon. Some highway bars and a rear custom luggage rack. Nothing too showy.
  3. nice, very nice... my solo rack just arrived for my Baby Shadow :)
  4. My highway bars arrived at the PO today, so I'll be able to pick up and install Saturday morning. The custom rear rack is taking longer for some reason. It's another few working days away. Min think they're an easy install on existing hardware.
  5. Oh, Nick, check out the Shadow Riders forum too. There's a couple of local rides coming up you may be interested in.
  6. Hmmmm. The parcel that arrived today wasn't the bling I was hoping for. :(. I'd bought a new carbon flip helmet the other day at Shark Leathers. They posted my old one to me! ;)

    Mail from the US is really taking its time with these shipments. They had a 50% off shipping sale that I took advantage of. I wonder if they then sent slower mail?
  7. Mine took ages and 50% also
    I think that's always 50% off lol
    Bit hesitant to bling my vt400
    Did you remove the reflector when you took off you pillion seat ?
    I did it's only double sided tape
  8. image. No, I haven't yet.
  9. Good picture, Contentious.
  10. 750? Buriful!