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2014 Honda CBR650F

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  1. SkaMan submitted a new Showcase Item:

    2014 Honda CBR650F

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  2. Nice bike. I do like the looks of these quite a lot. The white would be the colour I'd go for given we haven't got the red, blue or Tri colour in Aus.
  3. #3 SkaMan, Oct 12, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2015
    Yeah, its definitely the colour to go for out of the two colours available... I first saw it in the matte black and although I know it would be a pain to keep clean, I just love the look of it!!

    When insurance is a third for this bike than anything else I looked at, it seemed like the obvious choice...

    There ya go DiantraDiantra!!!
  4. I've seen a dude with the matt black with gold wheels......looks AWESOME!!

    Went in and asked the dealer if I can buy the matt black and was given a flat 'no, that model isn't available in Australia".......when I just saw it on the road. Someone out there has one.......and it has GOLD WHEELS FFS!!
  5. Haha, that would look awesome!! Where abouts was that?
  6. In Brisbane. Saw him at a set of stop lights. The dealership insists it must have been a custom paint job......I'm not convinced.
  7. Yeah, why would someone respray a brand new bike...