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2014 Ducati 899 leaked photo

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by RowanOn2Wheels, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Take it with a grain of salt but I found this on another forum. Ducati have been hinting at replacing the Evo and the rumour mill has been spinning ever since, but if it's true then the single sided swing arm is now gone.

    Could be real, could be fake. Just thought I'd share it.


    Got it from here: http://ducati1199.com/motorcycle-talk/14966-2014-ducati-899-leaked-photo.html
  2. err photoshop - how does it work?

    And the hardest thing about being a ducatisti is telling your parents you are gay.
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  3. Blabbs where are you, we have a live one.
  4. He is probably still stuck out on his Sunday ride.
  5. I doubt any of his bikes would break down. If they did I'd back him to be able to fix it, unlike most people on here.
  6. Must of been hard for you,being a lower class of ducati-less gay and all.
  7. I thought they dropped the 848 because it was all of the cost to make for less revenue....so I dont know how this makes a lot of sense. The 1099 sells pretty well here. Maybe the rest of the world its struggling.
  8. The goss is (based on speculation around this picture) they're going with the dual swing arm for stability and is more track focused. Maybe the R&D for this bike is that it's primarily a 1199 but with a detuned engine and a different swingarm and electrics? The manufacturing development would be largely done, but what do I know?

    There's some big bike expo towards the end of the year. Ducati will announce something then.
  9. A race track machine? What class can it run, the Duc need a 50% advantage to keep up with the japanese?
  10. The bike in the photo looks very Honda-esque
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  11. :confused: What drugs are you taking?
  12. I love Ducati, that thing is ugly though.
  13. Look at the swingarm. That's off a blade for sure.
  14. Swing-arm and seat look like previous models cbr1000. The top half of the faring looks like slightly later cbr 1000 and the tank looks like VTR1000.

    In fact I wouldn't be suprised if it was a VTR1000 project bike, rather than a new duck
  15. Hope you're right because that bike is ugly.
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    Ducati has made a lot of ugly bikes in it's time. They are very hit and miss, a lot more than the more conservative Japanese.

    It probably looks like a Honda because that is where they photoshopped that bit from though
  17. Agree with the above. Ducati do make some god ugly bikes.. my monster was borderline until I rode it which change my thoughts about the aesthetics.. it's alright but I still prefer the 848, 1199 design, I'll be looking at an 848 next.

    Ducs do cop a lot of hate though. If you can't afford one stop complaining they are over priced and move on. Why buy a bike that you don't think is aesthetically awesome and ticks all the boxes of handling/ ergonomics etc for the sake of a couple thousand.
  18. Do any of you other than maybe blabbs and mcsenna and a couple others actually know what you are talking about? That swingarm is nothing like a fireblade swingarm. And the bodywork including tank is pure 1199. If it's true and they are bringing an 899 I'll order one straight away.
  19. Have fun on your Honda copy
  20. I can afford one, but it's their inability to pass a coffee shop that'd piss me off.