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N/A | National 2014 Dakar

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Roarin, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Anyone else follow Dakar? I've been watching it since I was aware & able to see it on the idiot box. Had to make do with newspaper articles and magazines before that.

    Anyway, who's your favorite for this year. My Orange blood makes me hope for a Coma/KTM win. Another part of me wouldn't mind seeing Despres doing it, after a gutsy move to Yamaha. I don't know who rides for Honda, because, in short, I don't care. For Honda's.


    PS IT's on Tele right now. SBS. Every night. Awesome
  2. Love to see the Ozzie's do well,great to see 4 marques competitive.Don't like a sea of Orange, hope my Laverda mates don't see that. Hope the dreaded French rules don't come into play either.
  3. Didn't know it was on TV. Setting to record from now on.

    Thanks for the heads up.
  4. There's also an app for android that has a live feed & results etc.
    It's called 'Dakar 2014' from the Play store.

  5. I'd rather wait, and watch it on the idiot box as it unfolds, even if though it's not live :) But that's just me.
  6. sbs on demand for the lazy ****s like me
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  7. Me too, it's a shame that we only get the cut down highlights on SBS though.
  8. Hoping Grabbo does well this year.

    Wheres Rod Faggoter this year???

    And once again, I will be disappointed by the lack of coverage on the box.
    SBS highlights are atleast something, but not being an Aussie telecast, tend to miss detailing our riders/drivers efforts.

    Whilst the big team riders are super human; I enjoy hearing about all the odd-bod privateers and their struggles living out of a trunk and doing their own spanner work.
  9. Awesome event, and one day, before I die I would love to watch as much of it in-person as I can.

    In the meantime, I have no particular brand or rider/driver affiliations except the natural inclination to cheer on any Aussies.

    Fingers crossed for a fatality-free event this year.
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  10. I cant find it on the sbs website... just 2013 and earlier episodes... any help?

    edit: found it, they've just named them very ambiguously this year..
  11. Not going to share that ambiguous naming to make it easy?
  12. Never miss it. Just a shame it's less than half an hour coverage.
  13. Heard Grabbo was sitting in 9th, however, a wrong turn sent him down a wrong track, he realised his mistake as soon as he started to descend, but with no way to turn round had to ride all the way to the bottom, along with 4 other riders following.
    I believe it put him in 33rd place.
    But still in it with time on his side.
  14. Reported on Adventure Rider,all of those riders assisted an injured rider that was airlifted out and might be credited with lost time.
  15. one time dakar competitor and motorcycle adventurer charley boorman does not share your love for KTM

    ps 'race to dakar' is awesome
  16. No. No it's not.
  17. Aw cmon, isn't it at least a bit fun watching Simon Pavey working that little flock of pommy sooks?
  18. O'Connor (45th) and Roberts (35th) are still in there.