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2014 CBR1000 SP

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by trd2000, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. sounds hot... brembo, ohlins, revised ergos, revised chassis... new cylinder head, hand picked/balanced engine internals....


    few years too late... they should probably give the 600 a similar workover to try and get some of the guys that want something special but dont want a thou... and they should hire new designers.
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  2. A " more aggressive riding position" ? No thanks
  3. Once again, more evolution than revolution from Honda. I notice a lot of the 'blade riders really want something new - like traction control. Looks like not this time around.
  4. It doesn't need traction control. You can safely and predictably spin up the rear from corners without worry. I can't really say the ohlins is a huge thing as the Showa BPF's are extremely good anyway, as good if not better than the NIX30 fitted to the Daytona 675R. The twin tube Showa shock was excellent too. Almost on par with a ttx. The brembos will be the best addition to the bike
  5. + Added weight, am I right?

  6. It's a superbike, it's suppose to be aggressive....
  7. I only think 2kg added weight
  8. Yeah, it's something you won't even notice. Honda could still have done better with an "SP" version of their flagship bike, though. When I think of R or SP etc versions I think of the Euros: carbon bits etc and less weight along side the Brembos and Ohlins.
  9. 6hp more and a well balanced, hand picked engine. Balanced etc. If the ohlins were gas charged forks like on the 1198R etc then it would be further up the list. Maybe add a full titanium system
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  10. Yeah I tend to agree, but from what I've been reading on some of the other forums, long time blade owners have been jonesin' for more.
    From what I can tell, the 'blade seems like a great bike no matter what evolution you jump in at.
  11. I'm much more interested in the new VFR800, although the styling is bland at best.....
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  12. uploadfromtaptalk1384682990734.
    Doesn't look that bad
  13. Beauty is in the eye, I prefer the angular styling of the current model. Whatever, I bet Honda sells them by the container-load. I was told yesterday April Next year, and absolutely, categorically well under 20,000....
  14. Not a bad price for a proven sport tourer
  15. Mmmm unless u weigh it against the current model at about 13k.....

    I agree the new coffee isn't bad.... But the old ones better looking
  16. The old one's at $13,990 because it's essentially in run_out and Honda has withdrawn the dead duck (VFR 1200) from the market...
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    I'm assuming about $18000. That front end is a slight copy of the panigale. The VFR looks better in the vids from EICMA than that pick.

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  19. I like the vid with the girl on it better @RRdevil. Ha.
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  20. I only posted mine because it gives a better idea of the colour. Although your video didn't show up first time I opened this thread, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. I however do like the redesign, except for the exhaust