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2013 ZX-6R and 2013 Street Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Danielt, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Much as I hate to start another ##VS Street Triple thread.... :whistle:

    I have been keeping an eye on possible bikes to upgrade too once my P's tick over. Both of these bikes come in at about 15k rideaway (http://www.ontwowheels.com.au/shop/products/show/id/363 http://www.bikebiz.com.au/products/Triumph-Street-Triple-R-2013.html) both are at or near the top of their respective categories, and both look like they'd be amazing fun to own!

    Anyone got any interesting points to lean towards one or the other????
  2. I love street triples....

    I very nearly bought a 2012 R......

    Great bikes......very great.
  3. I've only put about 50kms on my STR but so far I think it's pretty great :) I could stare at it all day. I'll give you more decent info after the first service.
  4. Have you considered the standard daytona or MV agusta brutale 675?

    Enjoy choosing.
  5. Two quite different bikes and as already mentioned the Daytona would be one to throw into the mix if you are considering the ninja as they are direct competitors.

    I'm a fan of the triples too. I have owned I4s for at least 10 years prior to buying a Daytona and now own a street triple r. Just love the characteristics of the triples.
    Take both for a test ride and buy the one you like best.
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  6. Yeah I have researched those as well. Problem I have is whenever I look at the Daytona I immediately want to upgrade to the R version. 2.5k extra for all those extra goodies! and then I'm looking at almost 18k rideaway.... Also the front end really doesn't do it for me looks wise.

    And the MV Agusta I have a similar problem in that I immediately want the 800, or the F3 800. I will of course test ride them all as soon as I'm able too and ultimately that will probably decide it for me, but since that's still a few months off, daydreaming makes me feel better! :D
  7. Do it, don't put a price on happiness. I've spent way too much on bikes over the years & don't regret a cent.
  8. I don't think I have ever heard anyone say that they don't like the look of the Daytona 675 so I'm quite surprised by your comment, but to each their own mate!

    Are you talking about the '13 model in particular? I had an 09 and rate it as the prettiest bike I have ever owned. Going by the comments I used to get from strangers I wasn't the only one!

    Regarding your budget, its a real buyers market at the moment. No reason why you can't buy second hand Daytona 675R and save a few thousand dollars of course. That way you get what you want and you pay what you want.

    I know of a young guy in Sydney who just bought a 2012 Daytona 675R for under $13K , so there are good buys out there.
  9. Yep talking about the 13' in particular. It's just personal preference though and may change once I see it in person. Who knows.. When I first saw the new street I wasn't a fan but now I could stare at it ll day. Ideally I'll probably go for a current model demo or used bike depending on what deals are going. I'll be trading my current ninja 300 (which is a great little bike btw) and then paying the rest in cash. Really depends on what I save between now and new bike time.
  10. Yeah I tend not to judge until I see a bike in person now. I didn't like the look of the '13 Daytona pics either until I saw it in the flesh. Likewise the 09-11 R1, yet I bought an 09 once I saw it in the flesh. Go figure! LOL
  11. Street triple owner here ... triple for mostly commuting and 636 for mostly fun rides (unless you have back, elbow or wrist issues).

    Also street triple if you want to pillion lots.

    Im currently thinking of a cbr 600 repsol next but Im sure Ill do way less commuting, errands and doubling on it.