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2013 Yamaha R1

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  1. nice bike bro I got one too. you in Sydney ??
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  2. very nice :]
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  3. So I have started a series relating to the mods I am making for my Yamaha R1.

    To date:
    - ECU Flash+Tune
    - SC Project GP-Evo Exhaust
    - Flush Mount Indicators (Video Here)
    - Fender Eliminator (Coming Soon)
    - Shorty Levers (Coming Soon)
    - Termi Y Pipe (Coming Soon)

    Love to hear what other mods people do to theirs?

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  4. Thanks mate - I'm in Brisbane. I happened to be in Sydney for that photo!

    Thank you. About to post some new pics!
  5. Thanks, my mate has a lot of talent!
  6. hey mate, got the same bike as you.... those night pics look extremely sexy!!
    what brand flush mount indicators adid you get? and are they very bright?? im currently looking for some for myself and not sure which one to go with....
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  7. Soz bud I don't come here often. I bought some Amazon specials. They look fine for people beside you which is what they are for. People will say they can't see them from in front/behind but meh