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2013 Yamaha MT-03

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by bastian, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. I've started an upgrade project on my Yamaha MT-03 2013 (Competition White).

    Below are the desired parts that will be added to the bike.

    Brake fluid reservoir cap:
    Reservoir Cap Melotti Special Parts YAMAHA FZ1 FZ6 FZ8 XJ6 MT03 MT07 MT09 TRACER


    Bolt kits:
    Lightech Yamaha MT-03 06-13 Engine Bolt Kit 30 Pcs
    Lightech Yamaha MT-03 06-13 Fairing Bolt Kit 44 Pcs

    PAZZO LEVERS CANDY & POWDER COATED -see list for models

    And additional: Black Bar End Mirrors Yamaha R1 R6 FZ1 FZ6 XJR XV XVS WR 250 650 Round (depending on actual size of above mirrors, these may simply have blind spot mirrors on them)

    Universal Motorcycle Oil Fuel Tank Cap Protector Pad Decal Stickers 1 set
    YAMAHA style Motorbike Motorcycle Fork Decals Stickers

    Tank protector:
    AU Stock Vinyl Fuel Tank Pad Protector for Motorcycle Street Bike Moto CN TP02

    The red theme should contrast nicely as the bike is white and black with red accent as standard; and of course the new mirrors, levers and exhaust should make it a more enjoyable ride too.

    My main question is will I require both of those bolt kits? As I can't get them in Australia, I'm not sure quite what I need as I don't have anywhere to grab them from.
  2. Checkout probolt Australia they have plenty of trick bits for your mt03.
  3. What's wrong with your stock levers ? I'm guessing there not red and half the size of standard .
  4. Thanks for Probolt; I was hoping for red bolts though. The current levels are an awkward shape and are not adjustable as much as they should be. (Clutch is not adjustable, front brake slightly).
  5. You can get them in red from probolt.

    Black is the standard image you click on it and the page opens up with all the colours.
  6. Perfect, thank you very much.

    Apologies for not looking further.
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  7. Yep, the adjustable levers will do nicely for my next ride thanks Bastian :joyful: red will look nice
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