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2013 Yamaha FZ6R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Jumunji, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Hey all!
    Had my first bike delivered today and I'm already in love. She's a 2013 fz6r and looks amazing in the white and red. Don't get my L's till mid April so I'm counting down the days. I have to say though I'm super nervous to take her for a ride. It's a heavy bike and I'm really worried about dropping it, I'm 6 foot 4 but don't have a ton of experience riding. Any tips would be greatly appreciated for getting started!

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  2. Congrats mate. Have you signed up for any riding courses yet? It's a good place to start. For now though, just go spend some time sitting on the bike, getting used to the weight with both feet and one foot down. Get used to the controls, practice clutch/throttle movements. Then start up and slowly try putting it in first, gently releasing clutch and pulling off. Repeat x 100 until you can do it with no stalls or shudders. Practice moving the bike around (turning it around, backing up). This will all give you a good basis to move onto the next stage, practicing in a quiet car park.
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  3. congrats :)
  4. Congratulations

    The actual mechanics may differ from some of these pictures, but the principles of setting up your pedals to suit you and your riding do....

    Uncle Hornet's Pedal Seminar
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  5. Couldn't hurt to put some oggy knobbs on if not already there.

    At 6 foot 4, you're not going to have any trouble flat footing the bike so you have a head start on many riders.

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  6. Congrats on the purchase! Nice looking machine you have there..
  7. Congrats. I've got the black 2010 version of the same bike.
    Despite the weight (or because of it) the bike is really stable in motion. Only time I've come close to dropping her is when I was attempting a u-turn on a very narrow 1 lane dirt road. Luckily I caught it early and kept it up.

    Still I would second iGolf's suggestion about crash knobs. I have the t-rex racing no cut sliders. They seem to do a good job, but thankfully I haven't had to use them yet.

    One note is my speedo was about 8.5% under (Speedo of 100km/h was closer to 91km/h in reality) so either keep this in mind, or get a speedo healer (really simple install).

    Good luck on your license. Great bike choice.

    Any other questions I would be happy to try to help.
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  8. Cheers guys, frame sliders/bar ends are definitely the first purchase :). Ill have a look into that pedal setup guide that was posted.
  9. That pedal seminar thread seems to be broken? Also chilli I will definitely take the advice, Thanks mate!
  10. congratulations Jumanji! ....your new bike looks fantastic (y), it must be frustrating having to wait until April hey?
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  11. ooohhh nice! congratulations on the purchase and have fun putting plenty of kays on it/her.
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  12. yep this is great advice to a new rider. stalling and/or moving off from a stop in traffic are two very stressful things for newbies, they were for me when I started riding and a mate of mine in his late 30's just got his L's and this is causing him no end of grief. I tried to explain the same thing to him as he stalls pretty much every time he stops (trying for that perfect friction point release as not wanting to over-rev and 'lose control') but he doesn't want to listen. oh well, he'll work it out one day.

    anyway to keep on topic, just do what chillibuttonchillibutton says to do and you will be ok. :)
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  13. Nice bike, enjoy. By the time you get your L's and get on the road, winter will be getting close, so I guess you will need to consider riding gear. Nothing worse then freezing your a$$ off on a ride.
  14. Nice ride!
  15. Congrats on the bike man, she looks amazing!
  16. Thanks boys! So eager to get out and ride, decided to throw on a tank protector today. Took a lot of time and patience (OCD is a killer :p) But I'm actually really happy with how it turned out, photo doesn't do it justice!

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  17. They're a bastard to get just right aren't they?
  18. Definitely!! but I got mine nice and square looks great, at least in my opinion :D!
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  19. Tank protector's not just for the jacket zipper, but the belt buckle too ;)
    Recommend once you get the hang of things to book in for an intermediate/advanced course with one of the many reputable providers around the country. Worth more than you could spend on any accessory for the bike. Nice choice, the white looks great!
  20. The training course are worth the money. Stay Upright are best known but others are equally good. It might sound a bit counter-intuitive but, once you have done the basic course, doing a track day in the novice group at Wakefield might also be $ well invested. It is great fun and can help improve your confidence in what your bike is capable of, which will reduce the risk of panic in an emergency. If you have $ to spend on bits or training, choose training.
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