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2013 Vulcan VN 900....Sweet !!!!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, May 14, 2013.

  1. I really like the specs and the look of the new 2013 VN 900.

    Check out the run down on it here: http://www.totalmotorcycle.com/motorcycles/2013models/2013-Kawasaki-Vulcan900CustomSE.htm
    I saw the real life version in a Brisbane dealership a few days ago and they are as neat as a pin with heaps of torque for the weight. I like the mat pale blue and white paint with the darker trims on this model. They also come with some super cool flat bars on the model I saw. Anyone got an opinion?
  2. I'm definitley a fan of this new colour scheme. Was considering this as an upgrade from my LAMS but couldn't get past the fact that this big bike was only a 900. This is all relative though. I have heard they're not very well geared for cruising and will need a different rear pulley if you plan on racking up the kms. Still a sweet looking bike
  3. Personally the low seat throws the lines off just a little bit for me but a custom seat would fix that, I'd need that anyway due to long legs, otherwise I really like the design of the new model.
  4. Yeah Phil...I have a mate with a 2008 model. He replaced the drive pulley from a 31 to a 33 tooth and has 6% more long legs for the highway. However, they are a perfect mid sized V twin with a load of torque. Only got old mates word for that as I haven`t had a ride yet. I only sat on one :)
  5. Understand what your saying Kernel....they do come with forward controls as standard though. Good for the long legged blokes but not so use freindly for our shorter sisters on cruisers.
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  6. Love my 2008 VN900 Custom, 114,000 kms and counting, although this winter I seem to be feeling the cold wind and rain more and wishing for better protection from the elements.
  7. Ride with someone who has one. Really nice paint.
  8. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1373010585.645317.
    Have a look at these
    2013 Suzuki C90

    Mean looking , comfy as hell and comes with all the accessories you'll need
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  9. Mate of mine has just been told by E2W that the cost of the required rebuild to the bottom-end of his 2009 VN900 @ ~65,000kms of which he has done from new as a sensible rider would outweigh the value of the bike.....

    Not sure if this information is useful to you or not.

    The new bike does look nice - something a little Victory about it.
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  10. Any details about what the problem is or what caused it? Recently I've had a fuel pump replaced, front forks replaced all around the 90k and 100k mark
  11. I can certainly try to find out......it was a passing conversation with a work mate - he'd just been given the bad news by Pete so I didn't ask too many questions at the time.

    All I know is the bottom-end is farked - it's using heaps of oil......I'll see if I can tease out any details next week.
  12. The Suzuki C90 with screen and bags is a much more practical all rounder than the Kawasaki but (except for the rather odd looking seat position) the Kawasaki simply has better lines and more integrated styling.
  13. 65000 kms until rebuild seems way early. I would expect double that at least.
  14. Philmydang,

    I don't know where you heard this from but it was probably from somebody who has NOT ridden a VN900. I have had my VN900 Custom for about two years and nearly 12,000 km. I live in a regional location and do lots of longer rides. Given that the bike is a cruiser not a super sports then the performance is fine. My rear tyre is starting to go off but a switch to new Perelli's will soon fix that. I can't ever recall thinking that my bike needs to have its gearing altered. This is some kind of false urban myth.

  15. Only going by what I've read from magazine reviews and vulcan owners forums. I haven't had the opportunity to ride one myself - glad you like yours though.
    Welcome to the forum btw.

  16. First post with this?

    1 - You live in a regional area
    2 - You do "lots of longer rides"
    3 - Year nearly have 12,000kms on your "cruiser" in 2 years!


    Next opinion - this one clearly does not count.

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  17. Commuted combined 100km a day for nearly 6 years (well not as much since April this year), 115,000 km and I've never felt the need to modify the gearing. Now if I were doing regular 300km trips at 100km/hr I may want a slightly higher gear to drop the revs a bit and save a bit of fuel, but generally at about 110km/hr there always feels like there's still more oomph to give.
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  18. Have a mate who has had one for 4 yrs now and he recently uped the drive end sprocket from a 28 to a 31 tooth I think he said. Gives him about 6% more legs and he said he didn`t know what he was missing having the extra legs for the highway. It really just depends on personal preferance.
  19. Cruisers should cruise, lower revs and loping along would seem the go. I had a Honda VT 400 and I had to hammer the daylights out of it on the highway, was just all wrong. Big fat torque from low to medium revs would seem the right thing, not 8,000 RPM at 100 km/h.
  20. I have a xvs650 with a taco and I am sitting on 4200rpm @ 100 klicks. It will sit on this rpm all day everyday with a fairly vibration free ride. But its just a natural thing to want to cruise at lower revs. Personally, I would love a 6th gear. And alas, shaft drives are fixed at the factory ratios.