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2013 Vstar 650 Custom

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by kwadginski, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone, I just recently bought a 2013 vstar 650 custom, iI like the bike, but I wish it was louder. I have been looking at the Vance and Hines short shots but the website only has them up to 2010. I have called them and asked if they would fit they said to call yamaha. I called yamaha and they said that they could not tell me how the 2010 and 2013 have changed as far as frame spec's and exhaust port. I called up 3 dealerships and they all have just told me they would need both bikes in the shop to be able to see the difference. Has anyone added these pips to there 2011-2014 model? Any help would be awesome thanks. Oh and I've seen videos where people advertise my bike with the pipes but people have messaged them, and they don't respond as far as any extra needed to put them on. So I don't know the legitimacy of the video. Thanks.

  2. That's unreal that 3 dealerships don't know anything about the product they are selling. What idiots
  3. Yea, I was more surprised that Yamaha when I asked about the frame design, exhaust mounting, and exhaust port, they just told me it had changed. When I asked how they said that the information was priveledged. Tried to say it was for a new exhaust and the people installing it need it, but she said she couldn't. Vance and Hines I guess hasn't tried to put the pipes on the 2011-2014 models at all, so they weren't much help.

    I am looking for the noise, but I like the short look on my bike. I'm in san diego so i want the noise for traffic, almost got hit the other day, but I'm not keen on the stock pipes
  4. If noise is what your after have u thought about drilling a few holes in the muffler? Worked great on my gv650
  5. Drilling holes in the baffle does indeed make the bike louder, especially under engine braking. However, compared to what I've seen with V&H exhausts, there is a huge difference in the quality of the note.
  6. At first I did not notice this was an australian website. I'm in california, and technically drilling is against the law here. I would do it, but because I am in the military if I break the law it would affect my job. I appreciate the idea, I have thought about it.
  7. Serious ? U can't drill a few holes in your exhaust but u can remove the cats and put a straight through system on it ? Go USA
  8. California is a whole different type of beast. Before the Terminator left office he decided to put a limit on the noise your bike can make at 92db at idle.
  9. Mate nothing Vance and Hines sell is ever going to get under 92 db
  10. They have a couple of pipes that do but I do not really dig the style. And it's 92 db at idle I don't think my bike currently is anywhere close to that right now,... so i wonder what it would be if those pipes were on.
  11. v and h cruisers is what you want

    gobberwart i think knows about the fitment
    search back in this forum
  12. ps

    yanks are still welcome - it isnt your fault
    you wernt born in oz
  13. I had V&H Cruzers fitted to my Vstar 650 custom. Had them fitted, tuned and re-jetted at the dealership itself. Mine was Oct 2010 built but 2011 registered model.

    The Shorts were too loud so I decided to go with the Cruzers. They are NICE. :)
  14. I have seen the cruzers, but I really like the short look on the bike... I would get the quiet baffles and I asked the guy and he said it would be around 96 dB which would be alright with me. He said without it'd be around 100 or so.
  15. That is he said if he could get them on. I told him about the video a guy posted up, and he said if that guy could get em on then so should they, but I still wonder if the guy is misguiding us with the year of bike.