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2013 Triumph Tiger Sport (1050)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Wayned, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Finally announced, and with quite a few worthwhile changes and improvements which take it even better into a pure road riding role that the new name suggests, and that address the main complaints of many current Tiger owners (who otherwise nearly always love this model).

    Better headlights, firmer and fully adjustable suspension, lowered a bit, more go/less fuel consumption, slicker looks, handling tweaks, "improved sound" and other bits.

    If it's priced well, anyone looking for a stylish (aside from maybe the stickers at the front), competent taller and roomier do-it-all bike with some poke and character could do a lot worse. It even gets a single-sided swingarm if that's your sort of thing.

    In a sense, it almost makes for a successor to the Sprint RS 955, which was never continued. At the same time it could also be thought of as a plusher and more practical Speed Triple alternative that keeps much the goodness.

    The ride reviews will be interesting, but looking at the current Tiger 1050 then adding the changes, it should be one hell of a bike.


  2. Got me interested.
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    Yeah, it looks like a good upgrade to the 1050. Custom suspension certainly improved my Tiger 1050's handling markedly!

    Edit: That said, one thing I can't "unsee" is that the old Tiger 1050's projector headlights look like the irises and pupils of a pair of eyes, looking dead ahead.


    But the Tiger Sport's reflector headlights look a little, uh, 'special'. :)

  4. quite like it.

    is this version very much a road bike or could it do a little scratching if it had to?
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    Yeah, that's the one. The Tiger 1050 is basically a Speed Triple 1050 with comfy ergonomics, a little wind protection, comfortable pillion seat and luggage accessories. The medium travel suspension makes it fantastic for bombing down crappy B-roads and C-roads.

    It can go offroad in the same sense a sportsbike can go offroad.

    That said, the pegs have a pretty good amount of ground clearance, so scratching takes some ambition. :D

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  6. When a demo model is available here, I'll definitely have a sit on one, possibly a test ride and maybe even a two up test ride with the Minister of Finance.

    It just might be able to do the work currently shared between the Striple and the old R850R BM.
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  8. That's a fair bit of bike for the money.
  9. The current tiger is $17,990 ride away.

    I have a feeling the bike poi t price is ex on roads.
  10. Verah nice! Worth noting, too, that with an 830 mm seat height, even though the bike is tall the rider doesn't have to be...
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    Some first impressions starting to trickle in:

    ^^^ Cheeky - I copy and pasted the paragraph of text and it added "Read more:" and the link.
    Increasing the peak power while the lowering the also-increased torque by nearly 2000rpm is some good engine tweaking for a motor that's been around this long. It must grunt like a bastard now.​
    The brief first impression from MCN -​
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    Double post.​
  13. Bike has arrived in australia and due out into stores next week or so.

    Earlier than expected.
  14. More from the MCN tester -

  15. Thanks for linking the video. :)

    I'm confused by the way the MCN journos discuss the 2007 Tiger 1050. Triumph said from the get-go that the 2007 Tiger's not meant for offroading - it's just a tall road-only sports tourer on 17" sportsbike tyres, like the Multistrada used to be before it transformed into a hulking R1200-esque bike. Yet the journos in that MCN video say the 07 Tiger was aimed directly at the adventure-touring R1200GS.

    Triumph chops one side off of the swingarm and slightly increases the spring rates, and now the Tiger's 100% a road-based sports tourer without an ounce of adventure-touring in it? Right. Okay. o_O


    The upgraded rear shock can't be a bad thing. The 07 Tiger's rear shock was always a little on the underdamped side, especially as it began to wear out.
  16. I think it's true to say that the 2007 Tiger was the closest thing Triumph had to the 1200GS, and that's doesn't have to imply it's as good off-road. They were pretty up-front at the time in saying it was a major shift towards road bias, as I recall.

    They probably decided that given many a GS never or rarely leaves the road, their bike could be a cheaper alternative with the focus on better road manners, something it could do much better at the price rather than to try in vain to match the GS's all-round capability. The Tiger 800 was already under development by then, followed by the 1200, and once they were here, the Tiger Sport was then aimed at a more "Touring Super-naked role".

    If anything, I'm surprised it hasn't really been touted as the ideal bike for riders fed up with waiting years for the (thus far) mythical VFR1000F, although quite a few of the VFR faithful would neither be interested in the extra grunt and attitude, nor willing to give up the V4.

    The Sport is looking better now after seeing more angles in the video, and the improved shift and extra grunt (just for starters) are great news.

    We'll have to wait a bit longer for more comprehensive reviews, but comments like that it's close to the SMT as well as having a bit of supernaked character like the Tuono are high praise indeed, if that's what appeals to you.

    Range, comfort, practicality and handling, and with bags of grunt and character that isn't code for faults, so far sounds almost too good to be true to me, but personal likes aside, I see no reason to be doubtful.

    It clearly is a signifigant upgrade over the last model, although some people still seem to think it's little more than new graphics and swingarm.
  17. saw one in the flesh today, very nice. Sorted all the things that for me would stop me buying a tiger...