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2013 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by dave79, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. I've been lurking in this thread for about 2 years being jealous of everyone's new bikes. Now it's finally time to share mine.

    I picked it up on Thursday, went straight to the RNP to run it in. What a change from the v-star...

    Accessories (some fitted, some on back order):
    Short silencers
    Hi-flo air filter
    Long Haul separate rider & passenger seats
    Quick release passenger backrest with Longhaul Pad
    Locking gas cap (should come standard!!!)
    Chrome tubular rear rack
    K-drive panniers on EZ brackets
    Paint protection kit


    I've just clicked over 500km on it now and I can say for sure that this is exactly the bike I wanted. I can't believe i finally own it.

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  2. dude that's a gangsta bike.. congrats
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  3. Lucky bastard thats an awesome looking bike:cool:
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  4. Cheers guys, she goes (and stops, and turns) as good as she looks. Im stoked with it! Not a bad birthday present hey :)
  5. nice ride Dave, and looks mean as fcuk in black, not sure I like the sissybar but that's just me, I like my bikes stripped back.

    Happy Trails

    Ride far .. Ride safe :greyalien:
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  6. Completely agree nobby, that's why I went with the quick release option. Will post more photos with it removed when I get a chance.
  7. Nice.
    I'd like to see it with the panniers on.
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  8. Very lovely and unique.

    Congrats mate - ride safe :D
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  9. Here you go nobby:


    i'll be using the chrome tube rack most of the time when i get that from backorder. will update the thread with those pics too

    Cheers Sitting Bull, i'll post pics when i get the bags fitted (waiting for the EZ brackets to come in)

    Cheers BitSar! is this safe enough? :angelic: :

    Did the RNP again today. 706kms travelled, tyres scrubbed in nicely, gearbox nice and snickety snick.

    loving it.
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  10. Looks like you're using the available torque as it was designed :D

    Very happy for you mate - enjoy it!

    I'm usually not a cruiser man.....but if I were.....these Trumpies would be top of the list......
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  11. Love it! Would definitely be my first test ride if I were heading for a fangable cruiser, grats dude.
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  12. much betterer mate, matt black housing gives it an edge too
  13. about 2700 kms old, with new chrome tube rack:

    dealer has advised that the rest of my parts have come in, so i'll update again with pics when i get the bags and paint protection kit installed in the new year.

    love this bike!
  14. Looking good mate :D
  15. Seriously, a lockable fuel cap is EXTRA????

    Anyway, nice bike, sorta the Harley you have when you're not having a Harley.....
  16. Awesome bike and it looks great with that little rack on the back.
  17. A lovely machine for the highway.
  18. Dave79, those photos really do that bike justice, very nice looking. A triumph cruiser of some descript will almost certainly be my next purchase, a very hard bike to beat when it comes down to looks.
  19. And everywhere else too, but yes it shines on the open road and in nice sweepers.

    Cheers! Ride one and you'll realise it performs as good as it looks :) If you're looking at the triumph cruisers the speedmaster is a lot of fun too.
  20. Nice. :)

    I do like the looks of them. Would be the best upgrade if I go down the cruiser path.

    Ride safe.