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2013 Triumph Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Makaveli, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Made a call to the local triumph dealer today and was told that after the first shipment of Daytonas that they won't get anymore until August/September. As I get my full license in July I decided to get one from the first shipment arriving at the end of this month. Wrestled with the 675 vs 675R decision for an hour or so and decided to go with the stock 675. Purely because I like black more than red and white. I know that sounds stupid as there are so many goodies at just $2500 extra, especially the ABS and Ohlins. I guess I've come to the conclusion that I'm no Casey Stoner and I don't really need all the bells and whistles, so I whacked a deposit down on the Phantom Black 675. I'm optioning the quickshifter, frame sliders, anodised brake fluid reservoirs and LED indicators. Should take delivery on the 26th. Then I just have to look at it for 2 months. Made easier by the fact I'll be interstate may through June! I'll be sure to post pics in a few weeks!

  2. Congrats mate. As the proud (2nd) owner of a black 2009 Daytona I can say you've made a great choice. Great bike.
  3. Congrats mate :). I hope to obtain one of these great machines later in the year or next year :D
  4. +1

    As another proud ( 2nd) owner of a 2009 Black Daytona! LOL
  5. Those 2 months are going to be the longest 2 months of your life. Good buy I'm jelly.
  6. Ok so I changed my mind and got a red one instead! I may have been sneaky and rode it the 3km home. Wow I can tell I'm going to LOVE this bike! Turned heads all the way home. More pics to come. It started to rain on the way home so I'll have to wait for a sunny day.

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  7. Congrats!
    Surely, you won't ride it illegally until you are off the restrictions ;) LOL

    That is potentially my next bike too. So sweet! Would be good to hear some reviews.

    Do you know how much extra the optional ABS would cost you? (AFAIK, the 2013 standard model have it as an option).
  8. Did you park it behind your car deliberately so that you need to get on and move it every day?

    BTW congrats, she is great looking machine
  9. I asked about ABS on mine and was told the next batch will have it as it's becoming mandatory. Or maybe that was just street triples? Either way that is the only thing I don't like about the bike. My last bike had ABS and it's just a nice back up should some idiot cut you off in the wet or something. I know ABS is an option in the UK so I don't see why it won't be over here in the future. Brakes felt pretty good though. I suppose it could be retro fitted?
  10. I know the striple R has switchable abs as standard, not sure if it is standard or an option in the striple though
  11. It will be soon if what the Triumph dealer told me is correct. As of 2016 all bikes above 125cc have to have ABS in Europe and I think Triumph will make it standard across their entire range very soon.
  12. That Daytona is a lovely bike, I had always loved them till the F3 MV Agusta arrived on the world stage

    And I know your frustration about not being able to ride as I have had an 07 RSV1000R in the garage for the last 2 months waiting on my full licence .. Come monday rain hail or shine I'm going riding :)
  13. Doesn't it just suck! Why are there all these rules?? I can handle it c'mon officer! Yeah that F3 is a sweet looking machine. Nice electronics package too, same with the B3 Brutale 675. I'm biased on the Daytona though.
  14. Nice bike is that a passat CC coupe in the background?
  15. Haha yeah nice spot.
  16. Nice bike. My mate has one, thoroughly nice ride, that i thoroughly enjoy 'borrowing'.
    Quite fancy the striple R for an every day commute myself.
  17. Must be a good mate. I'm not going to let my mates touch this bike for a long time!
  18. He's on a ban, someone has to keep it ticking over and ship shape in the meantime ;)
  19. @Makaveli how are the dashboard lights? I think 2013 model has it white on black which I heard is a bit harder to read, especially in the night.

    Would you be able to video it and maybe guide through the instruments panel?

    Also does the standard have the fuel level gauge or it is only on the R?