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2013 Triumph Daytona 675 leaked pics.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Ausfox, Oct 23, 2012.

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  2. I like it too, but that stick with the number plate holder and rear lights on it looks a bit odd.
  3. You can rip that bit off the day you buy it and stick a better one on.

    I like the look of the bike.
  4. I hate how Japanese they are going with their bikes. All that big chunky plastic (the daggy mirrors, subframe, ugly front running light like a honda and gaping vagina of an air intake).

    I know they need to change the bike to make it different but I dunno about this. The side pipe is cool.

    What drew me to the first gen d675s was the sharp thin lines on the bike. Like a jap bike but meaner and without the alien look. Now it looks like ET

  5. Not loving the eye shadow on the headlights.

    Sure to still be a cracking ride though.
  6. Looks like a European ZX6R to me..........just paint it green and call it Kawa :).

    Odd styling, I like the old one better.......
  7. Looks nice.. but that's about it, compared to the previous one which was full of character and had the "I want one feel". This has me looking at the other bikes again.

    Hope they put a cover on the bottom of that exhaust! The fairing looks incomplete.
    From the picture the guy holds up it looks like there's mean't to be...
  8. I don't think they could make it look more japanese if they tried. Thumbs down from here.
  9. Whoa major step back in terms of looks. Tail looks like its from an R6 and the front end looks like a pre 09 R1. Definitely looking Japanese. What is with that exhaust!?! ugly as sin! what saddens me about it though is they clearly spent a lot of time designing it.
  10. Definitely prefer the older styling of the 675... looked much sharper.

    On the flip-side, they did a good job with the design of the 2013 Street Triple!:

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