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VIC 2013 TAC Motorcycle Survey

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dima, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. I received the invitation to complete the motorcycle survey from TAC.

    They say: "This research will help TAC better understand aspects of road safety specifically related to Victorian motorcyclists"

    The questions seemed to be pretty generic, like years riding, training obtained, gear owned, speed.

    Nothing really specific to VIC whatsoever, IMO.
    Some questions were assuming the answers though or somewhat confusing.

    A few screenshots attached.

    This survey to me looked like an attempt to justify the TAC spendings rather than actually understanding aspects of road safety. But that could be just me.

    Anyone else received the survey?

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  2. Wow... Ho fast should a motorcycle b allowed to go in a 60 zone.
    60... They book u for 61
    68 .... They claim were all irresponsible and don't undertake d h message so need o be targeted.

    In reality slightly faster than traffic makes lots of sense
  3. I answered 70 for 60 and 130 for 100. Maybe they'll increase the speed limits in some of the areas :)

    But look at the question about being caught speeding. The question never assumes we aren't speeding and has no option to say that.

    And yeah, pretty sure I don't speed in towns :)
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  4. Here we go again :(

    For new members ! northing good will come of surveys .The information gathered from motorcycling surveys will be used against us !

    TAC MUARC VIC ROADS all use the information from the surveys to call for
    mandatory gear
    Lower speed limits
    Increased enforcement

    Year after year this takes place .Just by completing the surveys you are giving them numbers
    If history as taught us anything
    TAC have the biggest anti motorcycling agenda in the state

    This is what the TAC will do with that answer :

    in road safety news motorcyclists who have taken part in the TAC survey have told the TAC they want to speed ,! And break Victoria's speed limets putting the lives of all Victorias at risk . TAC passed on the results of the survey to vic roads and vicpol who are now looking at lowering all speed limits and increaseing enforcement for all motorcyclist ..

    Well done thanks for all your help
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  5. No. These people are not rational. This will be used against you.

    The rationale will be something like this:

    Motorcyclists are habitual speeders. We have done the surveys and have the proof that these reckless fools aren't listening to us. They think nothing of doing 70 in a 60 zone, or 130 in a 100 zone. The message about the dangers of speeding simply isn't getting through to them. We clearly need more punitive enforcement, and ever more abusive and targeted ads.

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  6. Yes This !,,, please do not do the fcuking surveys ,your fcuking yourself and all motorcyclist

  7. Without an independent road safety body you cannot trust the survey. Dont do the survey.

    One TAC's motorcycle safety strategies is to have riders self report reductions in speed.

    Its a double edged sword - say you don't speed and it will be interpreted as the message getting through, lets do more of the same.

    Say you speed and it will be interpreted as the message not getting through so lets do more of the same plus more again.

    The best answer to send a message is refuse the survey - TAC are not independent unbiased users of this data.
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  8. fcuk me. Is it really THAT hopeless?..

    But not responding to the survey may be a worth option. It's like giving away your vote, isn't it.

    What hope do we have... :(
  9. Best troll ever.
  10. Doing this survey is an act of self sabotage for a motorcyclist and I agree with the previous posts.

    Don't do it! Our representatives will tell them what we want.
  11. I wonder why they picked you Damir?

    I wonder if our rep bodies should publicly advise us not to do it to attract fallout and presn an opportunity to explain to the uninformed how the surveys are designed and misused?
  12. Damned if you do, and damned if you dont. If only 2 people do the survey, they will take that info and use it/construe it anyway.
    Lol.. your easily pleased Mick :bolt:
  13. Unless, as Rob said, we get an independent road safety body, don't respond to surveys.
  14. They said I was randomly selected. All I know.

    I hope the guys like @robsalv and @motorcyclealiance know about this survey and can tell us a bit more.
  15. #16 mainstage, Jun 15, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2013
    Good point .. @robsalvv would it be possible or appropriate for the VMC to place
    something on the website advising riders not to complete the survey and a history as to why .?
    They have been promoting these surveys year after year convincing riders to fall in to the same trap .

    Around GP time they will do this again offering prize's of gear or $80 training vouchers to take the survey . Then you will have VicRoads and MUARC joining in ,

    On and on it goes new riders coming along and they are just using the same model tighten the noose .

    if you go back over the years on netrider you'll find the same threads talking about surveys .Northing as changed mate its the same each year .
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  16. Yes, yes I am
  17. You will learn, dnagir, not to play ball with the TAC. Not taking the survey is the only option. Now you know for next time
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  18. Anyone else do this survey and they risk the loss of their manhood and/or womanhood. DO NOT INDULGE THESE FUKKERS THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!!
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  19. Agree, do not respond, and most importantly of all DO NOT put down what you think the speed limit should be. TAC will never agree and they'll use it as evidence that riders are noncompliant and must be subject to even greater enforcement.